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 +# Blog posts during the exploration
 +### On the main exploration site -
 +-   ​[Technology for later in life our new
 +    exploration](http://​​p=835) Announcing the start
 +    of the exploration,​ with an introduction from Dan Sutch of the
 +    Nominet Trust.
 +-   [Join us for a free workshop on digital tech in later
 +    life](http://​​p=858) Invitation to the workshop
 +    on October 23 2012.
 +-   ​[Workshop on technology in later
 +    life](http://​​p=872) How we planned to run the
 +    workshop
 +-   [Is age really an issue in later
 +    life?​](http://​​p=886) Annika Small, chief
 +    executive of the Nominet Trust, reflects on the workshop discussion.
 +-   [Can we learn from other
 +    countries?​](http://​​p=897) Martin Fowkes reports
 +    on higher Internet usage among older people in Scandinavian
 +    countries.
 +-   [How more sharing could enhance social
 +    innovation](http://​​p=903) Report on Shirley
 +    Ayres paper “Can online innovations enhance social care?” containing
 +    the recommendation for a knowledge hub.
 +-   [We know lots about innovation, digital tech, social care and later
 +    life. Now who will make it
 +    useful?​](http://​​p=923)Reflections on the need
 +    for practical action to put policy findings and innovative projects
 +    to use. Also first draft of 10 provocations.
 +-   ​[NESTA provides a framework for innovation towards a better later
 +    life](http://​​p=944) Details of the NESTA report
 +    on ageing, and their Living map of innovative projects,​with insights
 +    into what developments may be needed in the field.
 +-   [How to organise ideas about digital tech in later life: invent some
 +    characters and tell their
 +    stories](http://​​p=960) How the development of
 +    personas and life stories can provide insights into the application
 +    of digital technology in later life.
 +-   ​[Summary and update on our digital tech later in life
 +    exploration](http://​​p=978) A summary of the
 +    exploration,​ and ideas for next steps.
 +-   ​[Participatory design and older
 +    people](http://​​p=998) Eric Harris writes about
 +    the importance of involving older people in the design of
 +    technology.
 +-   ​[Social technology in later life moving from exploration to
 +    cooperation](http://​​p=1018) Signing off the
 +    exploration on,​ and further suggestions for
 +    action.
 +### On
 +-   [Ten propositions about digital technology later in
 +    life](http://​​p=2373) Summary of the propositions
 +    from the exploration.
 +-   ​[Exploring tech “later in life offers lessons for tech
 +    challenges anytime](http://​​p=2379) How the
 +    exploration about technology later in life provides insights
 +    relevant to any time of life.
 +-   [Ten pillars of wisdom: a manifesto for a better later
 +    life](http://​​p=2485) Ideas for a a manifesto
 +    developed following a SW seniors assembly in Bristol.
 +### From John Popham ​
 +-   ​[Social Technology in Later Life Lets Have Some
 +    Collaboration](http://​​2013/​05/​05/​social-technology-in-later-life-lets-have-some-collaboration/​)
 +    Progress depends on great collaboration between people and
 +    organisations in the field.
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