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 -   [Blog posts](/​dtlater/​blog_posts) -   [Blog posts](/​dtlater/​blog_posts)
 -   ​[Reference material on Storify](http://​​dtlater#​stories) -   ​[Reference material on Storify](http://​​dtlater#​stories)
--   ​[Bookmarks on Diigo](https://​​group/​dtlater) and [on Pearltrees](http://​​N-fa=6510894&​N-play=0&​N-s=1_6510894&​N-u=1_811847&​N-p=60646882&​N-f=1_6510894)¬†+-   ​[Bookmarks on Diigo](https://​​group/​dtlater)
--   ​[Discussion forum at the Social Learning¬†+
-    Network](http://​​)+
 -   ​[Summary of discussion on Gransnet](http://​​TMvnak) -   ​[Summary of discussion on Gransnet](http://​​TMvnak)
 -   ​[Report from our workshop on October 23 2013](http://​​14zypXS) -   ​[Report from our workshop on October 23 2013](http://​​14zypXS)
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