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 +# Provocation 10 
 +## Look for ideas among those providing digital training and support - and help them realise them.
 +Those working directly with users of digital technology will have
 +insights into what works, and where development would be valuable. With
 +some support they could turn ideas into projects.
 +Trainers, tutors and mentors will have powerful insights into what is
 +likely to work - but may lack the time or opportunity to turn these
 +insights into new practical applications.
 +While some organisations have produced excellent guides, they usually
 +concentrate on standard tools and activities. They may not be maintained
 +and updated as short-term projects end.
 +There are example of sharing and networking, but still relatively
 +small-scale. The Age Action Alliance digital inclusion group is now
 +mapping the activities and resources of their members, and the Nominet
 +Trust and other agencies run networking events.
 +Overall we could make more of what we have, through better networking,
 +and connecting the do-ers, thinkers and developers.
 +*Challenge: how can make more of the insights of those in the front
 +line, and encourage more collaboration among those in the field.*\
 + ​[Comments,​ resources and links to
 + [View the story “10 Look for ideas among those providing training and
 +support” on
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