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 +# Provocation 1
 +## Look at personal needs and interests as well as common motivations - one digital size wont fit all. 
 +While there are general benefits at any time of life in using digital
 +technology - whether for entertainment,​ shopping, learning,
 +information - everyone has different priorities and these will be shaped
 +by life experience and current circumstances. The best way to engage
 +people with digital technology is to start where they are, the
 +particular interests they have developed, and the personal challenges
 +they face.
 +Connecting with friends and family, and pursuing personal interests and
 +hobbies are common reasons for using digital technology later in life.
 +In addition theres entertainment,​ savings to be made shopping online,
 +information and discussion about issues of health and finance that may
 +become pressing. Increasingly the Internet will be essential to access
 +public services. Developments of technology for later in life should of
 +course focus on these common motivations,​ with adaptation to address
 +some of the physical and mental challenges of older age. But in all our
 +research and discussions one message came through strongly: digital
 +technology has to be personally relevant, useful, and usable. This is
 +particularly important if people have concerns about privacy, security
 +and a general lack of trust in the unknown.
 +Our initial propositions in the exploration provided some ideas for how
 +to address these issues, for example: understand peoples life stories
 +for the skills, interests and attitudes they may have developed; help
 +people tell their stories, and explore their interests using digital
 +technology; use digital cameras, audio recorders, ebook readers and
 +other devices that dont require a connection; take concerns about
 +security and privacy seriously.
 +*Challenge: How can we help people later in life - and those who may
 +support them - explore what might suit their individual needs?*\
 + ​[Comments,​ resources and links to ideas on Storify - and embedded
 + [View the story “1 Look at personal as well as common needs” on
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