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 +# Provocation 3 
 +## Consider the new life skills and access people will need as technology changes our world - using technology is ceasing to be optional. ​
 +Public services are becoming digital by default, and new opportunities
 +for employment require at least an email address. It will be important
 +to make the use of digital technology as accessible and easy as
 +possible - or encourage people to act as proxies in helping make the
 +connection with the online world.
 +Technology is changing our world - the devices we use in our homes, the
 +way we shop, the public services that may no longer be available over
 +the counter. The blog posts and forum discussions that we reviewed
 +showed that for many people technology is problematic - but that it also
 +offers opportunities to deal with the challenges of later life. In
 +summarising discussion on a Gransnet forum, editor Geraldine Bedell
 +wrote that she found a mix of attitudes.
 +-   A fear of being left behind by technology. A very strong sense that
 +    tech cant substitute for relationships although it is in politicians
 +    interests to believe it can. A fear of life becoming dependent on
 +    pressing buttons. A sense of tech as being alienating. On the other
 +    hand, a sense of possibilities and hope of being able to keep in
 +    touch with family and friends. A feeling that tech may ameliorate,
 +    even if it cant cure.
 +Government plans to make services digital by default - and access to the
 +new Universal Credit online are raising concerns, and pilots are being
 +developed to explore how to serve those who are not online. Our
 +propositions and discussion highlighted other issues. More people these
 +days are working past retirement age, and moving jobs in the process.
 +Digital skills may be important right at the start of new employment:
 +JobCentrePlus expect people to have email addresses. Bank and post
 +office branches are closing, with the only alternative being a longer
 +journey, or using their online services. Its clear that we need to yield
 +insights into how to design for the intersection of peoples changing
 +needs through life, the personal technologies on offer, and the way
 +technology is changing public and commercial services.
 +*Challenge: how might we chart the challenges and opportunities people
 +may face during later life, in order to inform development and use of
 +digital technology? Can this also be done on an individual basis as part
 +of help and support?*\
 + ​[Comments,​ resources and links to ideas on Storify - and embedded
 + [View the story “3 Consider new life skills needed as technology
 +changes our world” on
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