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 +# Provocation 5
 +## See digital technology for later in life as a major market - co-designing with users could offer wider relevance.
 +On the one hand people are living and remaining active longer, and on
 +the other hand facing a wide range of health and social challenges for
 +longer. This will provide a growing market among older people, and an
 +opportunity to design and test technologies for relevance and usability
 +with any users than have diverse interests and capabilities.
 +We are facing a society in which later life will extend considerably.
 +Evidence to a Lords committee predicted that between 2010 and 2030 the
 +number of people aged over 65 will increase by 51% and those over 85
 +will double during the same period. The report Ageing and the use of the
 +Internet says:
 +-   There is an evidence base, supported by demographic data, that
 +    suggests there is a business case for developing more specific and
 +    age-related technology-based products and services. Indeed, given
 +    the current and projected increase in our ageing society not just in
 +    the UK, but globally, the private sector will have a vested interest
 +    in promoting digital literacy amongst what will be a growing
 +    consumer market.
 +The report cites Kohlbacher and Hang, who write that the silver market
 +is an excellent field of application for new market disruptions as
 +elderly customers will increasingly demand new products and services
 +they had not demanded or had not been able to demand before
 +Our discussions yielded a range of ideas for innovations that would
 +benefit older people, yet have wider application. Funding challenge
 +programmes have recently supported a number of projects and social
 +enterprises in this field - and more innovative ideas could develop from
 +collaborations between those with a deep understanding of the needs of
 +older people, and those understanding the potential of digital
 +*Challenge: how might those working with older people help the private
 +sector and social enterprises develop products, services and projects
 +for this growing market?*\
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