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 +# Provocation 6 
 +## Address social isolation and other challenges through a blend of online and offline - they dont need to be different worlds.
 +Digital technology can enable virtual friendships that lead to meetings,
 +support social learning, and underpin projects for new forms of sharing
 +both on the physical world and online. The greatest benefits may come
 +from blending face-to-face and online activities.
 +The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has explored neighbourhood approaches to
 +loneliness in four areas over three years, and being older tops the list
 +of factors contributing to loneliness. The research is revealing ideas
 +on how a neighbourhood can support people who are lonely - some of which
 +may be supported by technology.
 +From evidence elsewhere, a mix of texts, phone calls, online networking,
 +visits and informal get-togethers can help build a social network
 +through which people can provide mutual support.
 +Contributors on the Gransnet forum say how important virtual friendships
 +can be - while also emphasising the importance of physical presence.
 +Innovative projects are now being developed that use digital technology
 +to encourage and support local connections.
 +DropBy online is a supportive online community, with chat rooms and
 +special interest groups that also encourages get-togethers. Other
 +projects use online systems to facilitate meeting and sharing: meals
 +(Casserole Club); accommodation (Room for Tea); cooks tips and
 +collaborative cooking sessions (League of meals)
 +Shirley Ayres, whose blog focuses on sharing resources to promote the
 +use of social media in social care, provides an excellent roundup of
 +these and projects showing How the Internet and digital technology can
 +combat isolation.
 +[Comments, resources and links to ideas on Storify - and embedded
 + ​*Challenge:​ how can we build on successful personal and project
 +experience so far to scale up the use of digital technology to address
 +problems of social isolation and loneliness.*\
 + [View the story “6 Address social isolation by blending online and
 +offline” on
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