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 +# Provocation 7 
 +## Enable carers and care services - both for direct use of technology and to act as proxies.
 +More could be achieved by integrating digital technology into services,
 +and supporting carers in their use of technology. This will be
 +increasingly important as older people who are not connected may require
 +proxy helpers to use online public services.
 +There is great potential for digital technologies to be used to improve
 +care, from helping the helpers develop digital skills and better
 +connecting the social care market, to innovative projects that use
 +digital technology to share caring and provide employment for carers.
 +Similarly older patients using services like Patient Opinion to make
 +their needs known can inform service providers.
 +The organisation Digital Unite specialises in helping older people use
 +technology, and managing director Emma Solomon emphasises from their
 +experience how important it is to provide the basic starter resources
 +for learners and intermediaries,​ as well as to innovate. This support is
 +needed on a continuing basis. Emma wrote on our ideas forum that there
 +has been progress in the last decade, however:
 +-   some things remain stubbornly persistent; we still meet resistance
 +    from scheme staff who dont have the time or the skills themselves to
 +    support residents we might be working with. And basic digital skills
 +    and digital intermediary skills are not yet, always, hard wired into
 +    the organisations they work for. We dont so much need more new
 +    technology to get round this as a concerted and sustained push on
 +    practical, comprehensive,​ basic digital skills and support
 +    mechanisms. That may not be sexy or cutting edge, but that doesnt
 +    mean its not important.
 +*Challenge: how can digital technology be used to enable existing care
 +services and carers, and support different models of social care*.\
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