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 +# Provocation 8 
 +## Use digital technologies to enhance existing connections of family and friends - and help each other learn.
 +Free video calls, photo-sharing,​ email, texting and the use of social
 +networking sites are part of day-to-day communications with family and
 +friends for many people later in life. Family members can help each
 +other learn about digital technologies.
 +According to Forster Communications,​ in their Rites of passage helping
 +people make the best of getting older report, nearly nearly half of 55
 +75 year olds connect to their friends with either Skype or instant
 +messenger services, with a similar proportion spending up to 30 hours on
 +the internet a week. The fastest growing group of Facebook users is aged
 +Learning about digital technologies,​ and using them, may bring different
 +generations in a family closer together. Simple email lists, like Google
 +groups, can create new connections with neighbours.
 +Discussion in the Gransnet forum brought home how important digital
 +technologies can be in later life, as part of family life - and how a
 +lot more could be done to make them easier to use and more relevant.
 +One participant said: I never thought I would embrace technology but now
 +I could not be without emails, smart phones, skype etc. My sister lives
 +in Martinique we communicate regularly both having such different lives.
 +I take photos on my mobile of the grandchildren send them to the family
 +because we live in deepest Devon they don’t very often see them.
 +But another added: All of us on Gransnet are computer literate, but out
 +there there are thousands of grans/​grandads who are not. I have never
 +sent a text. I have been shown what to do but even with glasses I can
 +hardly read the small digital print and arthritic fingers mean I am
 +clumsy with the small buttons and I am only 66!
 +*Challenge: how can we co-design digital technologies for later life by
 +looking more closely at the many different ways they are used in home
 +settings, and for communications between family and friends.*\
 + ​[Comments,​ resources and links to ideas on Storify - and embedded
 + [View the story “8 Use digital tech to enhance existing connections” on
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