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 +# Provocation 9 
 +## Value the role that older people may have in acting as digital technology champions - and providing long term support.
 +Older people know the challenges of using technology later in life, and
 +may be best at providing the continuing support needed for its adoption.
 +Demonstrations and short courses are seldom enough.
 +The report Ageing and the Use of the Internet says Older technology
 +champions may offer an alternative way (to inter-generational learning)
 +to approach the coaching of older users.
 +The report Simple things, done well, commissioned by the Nominet Trust
 +from Policy Exchange, recommends setting up a UK wide network of older,
 +tech savvy people who would be paid to go into peoples homes and
 +community centres to teach them how to use the internet to make digital
 +transactions such as renewing a driving licence or paying a utility
 +Those working in the field emphasise the need for more than a one-off
 +course, making the role of helpers who can provide continuing support
 +doubly important. The Age Action Alliance has developed the Digital
 +Champions Capacity Building Framework for champions working at different
 +levels: the formal role of the professional,​ employed to provide help;
 +the informal helper who has a passion for digital technology; and the
 +spontaneous helper who may be friend or family, helping out when needed.
 +Emma Solomon, managing director of Digital Unite, writes in the
 +framework paper:
 +-   The DCCB Framework is not an onerous or complicated concept to
 +    implement. It builds on existing programmes and initiatives in the
 +    digital skills, digital outreach areas. It collates and extends
 +    existing resources, content and collateral. It does not require the
 +    creation of anything new - it simply requires the activation,
 +    organisation,​ structuring and support of delivery mechanisms sitting
 +    under our noses and inherent in the many and various and diverse
 +    organisations that make up our society. Its potential to embed
 +    widespread and meaningful digital literacy is enormous.
 +*Challenge: how can we promote and support the work of older people as
 +digital champions in a way that is sustainable.*\
 + ​[Comments,​ resources and links to ideas on Storify - and embedded
 + [View the story “9 Value the role that older people may have in acting
 +as digital technology champions” on
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