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 +# Research by Shirley Ayres
 +Our exploration into digital technology in later life was mainly focused
 +on the individual, and those who could help in using technology. Shirley
 +Ayres developed a complementary report about online innovation and how
 +it can enhance care services - something about which she reports and
 +consults on extensively.
 +-   ​Shirley Ayres is a qualified social worker and marketer who has
 +    worked within the care sector for over 35 years. She has extensive
 +    experience of helping organisations to understand the value of
 +    digital engagement.
 +Shirley blogs at [Connecting Social Care and Social
 +Media](http://​​) and has published the [Click
 +Guide to Digital Technology in Adult Social
 +## Can online innovation enhance social care?
 +Shirley Ayres [provocation
 +paper](http://​​site/​search/​shirley%20ayres) for
 +the Nominet Trust, February 2013. [Download
 +-   In this paper, Shirley explores this theme highlighting a number of
 +    exciting new approaches to care, as well as some of the challenges
 +    we need to address if were to ensure our approach to social care is
 +    fit for purpose. - See more at:
 +    <​http://​​knowledge-centre/​articles/​can-online-innovations-enhance-social-care#​sthash.zAssQoR8.dpuf>​
 +[Blog post](http://​​knowledge-centre/​blogs/​can-online-innovations-enhance-social-care)
 +by Shirley Ayres on. Can online innovations enhance social care?
 +February 2013 in which Shirley highlights some innovative projects and
 +also the need for better sharing of knowledge and ways to make
 +innovation accessible:
 +-   ​Firstly there are a large number of reports about people in later
 +    life and their use of the internet, the importance of access to
 +    information and support and how to tackle digital exclusion. But
 +    there seems to be a disconnect between the many organisations with
 +    an interest in this area. I read over sixty papers written by thirty
 +    organisations with many sensible and practical recommendations. What
 +    is not clear is how many of these recommendations have been
 +    implemented.
 +-   ​Secondly there are hundreds of digital technology innovations being
 +    developed and supported by a range of funders. Paradoxically we are
 +    not using technology to make these innovations more accessible and
 +    available to a large market which includes individual users, carers,
 +    commissioners and care providers.
 +### Further blog posts on Nominet Trust site
 +[How digital technology is supporting people living with
 +Blog post by Shirley Ayres October 15 2013. Online resources and apps
 +[Why digital inclusion is important for care home
 +Blog post by Shirley Ayres, May 2013:
 +-   ​Access to the internet and digital technology innovations are
 +    fundamentally changing the way people connect, and how they engage
 +    with and access information and support. If I was looking for a care
 +    home I would certainly want to know about internet access, how
 +    residents are being supported to use the internet and whether
 +    technology is enhancing the lives of their residents.
 +-   A good quality of life in older age means having a sense of purpose
 +    and full inclusion within the community with strong social contacts
 +    and mental stimulation. This does not stop when people move into
 +    residential care.
 +[How online personal support networks can promote more integrated
 +Blog post by Shirley Ayres March 2013 Shirley writes:
 +-   One of the simplest needs for people is the ability to stay in touch
 +    with family and friends who may be widely dispersed. There are a
 +    range of online tools available to enable connections to be
 +    maintained and strengthened and to address the practical tasks of
 +    co-ordinating the care needs of an individual.
 +-   ​Technology is being used by personal support networks and Circles of
 +    Support to provide safe, moderated online environments which connect
 +    family, friends and professionals providing formal and informal
 +    care. There are a number of support networks available:
 +-   Tyze [http://​](http://​​)
 +-   ​Rally-Round [Rally Round](https://​​welcome)
 +-   ​Jointly [jointly](http://​​projects/​jointly)
 +-   ​Grouple ([http://​](http://​​)
 +-   My People and Places [http://​](http://​​)
 +-   Heres a Hand [https://​](https://​​)
 +-   Cura [https://​](https://​​)
 +-   ​MultiMe [http://​](http://​​)
 +-   ​Features may include e-mail, a calendar/​diary to share tasks and
 +    goals, photo sharing, a social network and space to share stories
 +    through multi media and text facilities. The software can be
 +    available on a web-browser,​ mobile app and tablet pc. The number of
 +    people who can be connected in one network varies. Some networks are
 +    free to use and others require a paid subscription. To gain the
 +    support of health and care professionals there will be a need to
 +    clarify information governance issues and security considerations.
 +    Paradoxically the development of new care technology apps could
 +    potentially fragment network support systems.
 +### Other resources
 +Shirley posted these resources before [Connected Care
 +on December 7 2013.
 +[Go to the
 +for working links
 +Social Isolation, Loneliness and the impact on health and wellbeing.
 +Joseph Rowntree Foundation Loneliness Resource Pack
 +Isolation in residential care. How can we ensure a good quality of life
 +for adults in residential care and housing with support. This means
 +having a sense of purpose and full inclusion within the community with
 +strong social contacts and mental stimulation.
 +*Residents reported being able to look at websites to do with their
 +interests and hobbies, use internet shopping sites and communicate with
 +family members, often overseas. Some had already noted beneficial impact
 +on their carers ability to help manage their condition.*
 +Get Connected programme Social Care Institute for Excellence. Examples
 +of how digital technology in empowering and supporting the health and
 +wellbeing of individuals.
 +-   Big White Wall.
 +-   ​Elefriends
 +-   Doc Ready
 +-   NHS moodzone
 +Information,​ advice and support across the care, health and housing
 +Quick Poll: Which organisation would you recommend to an older person
 +seeking advice about care and support options?
 +Connected Communities. How digital technology is supporting individuals
 +to connect in different ways and live more independent and fulfilling
 +lives within the community.
 +-   ​Casserole Club
 +-   ​DropBy
 +-   ​GoodGym
 +-   ​Trading Times
 +-   ​Shared Walk
 +-   ​Sporting Memories Network
 +One of the simplest needs is the ability to stay in touch with family
 +and friends who may be widely dispersed. There are a range of online
 +tools available to address the practical tasks of co-ordinating the care
 +and support of an individual.
 +-   ​@tyzenetworks
 +-   ​Mindings
 +-   ​Netbuddy Tips
 +-   ​Virtual,​ online and microvolunteering provide different ways for
 +    people to contribute to their communities online
 +### Digital Literacy, Inclusion and the Barriers to Technology Adoption
 +Accessing and learning about the digital world can be a challenge for
 +many groups in the UK. Getting started on the internet a brief guide
 +### The challenges of Integrated Care
 +-   ​Dementia Challengers
 +-   ​Airedale Hospital is using telemehealth to keep people out of
 +    hospital
 +-   ​kentdigicare a milestone for connected care?
 +-   ​Personalised Technology
 +-   ​Virtual Smart House
 +### User and patient engagement and the personalisation of services
 +How can technology world encourage more patient and user engagement? Are
 +public services signposting people to the many online support forums now
 +-   NHS Choices
 +-   NHS Citizens Assembly
 +-   ​Patient Opinion
 +-   Care Opinion
 +-   Care Connect NHS
 +-   I want great care
 +-   ​FindMeGoodCare
 +-   ​Patients Like Me
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