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 +# Ten pillars of wisdom: a manifesto for a better later life 
 +These ten points build on ideas generated during the [exploration into
 +digital technology for later in
 +life](http://​​cat=52),​ and were developed after a
 +[SW Seniors
 +in Bristol on May 28 2013.
 +They were first posted by David Wilcox [on the Socialreporter
 +blog](http://​​p=2485). The aim was to provide a set
 +of talking points about doing things WITH older people, rather than FOR
 +them. More below on how they were developed.
 +1.  Enable older people to do as much as possible for themselves. We
 +    can’t afford to do otherwise.
 +2.  De-professionalise the communication of ideas, options and policies
 +    around ageing so that everyone can engage in the conversation.
 +3.  Apply good design to simplify technology that will benefit everyone.
 +    Codesign with users.
 +4.  Respect and use the wisdom of older people. They are the only people
 +    who know what it is like to be old.
 +5.  Develop communities and networks with older people for influence and
 +    learning.
 +6.  Recognise that ageing affects people differently,​ and that only by
 +    understanding the diversity of barriers faced can we develop the
 +    choices needed to enable people to live the lives they want.
 +7.  Switch the digital inclusion framework from “how do we get more
 +    people online” to “how do we encourage and enable people to use
 +    whatever technology meets their needs and preferences”.
 +8.  Question whether it is really useful to teach older people how to
 +    use traditional computers. Tablets, smartphones or smart TVs may be
 +    easier and offer what’s needed.
 +9.  Switch funding from research and “good practice” about ageing into
 +    supporting action led by older people, and sharing knowledge through
 +    social learning.
 +10. Recognise that a connected society is a healthier and more
 +    harmonious society, and that ageing is a challenge suffered
 +    individually,​ but best addressed socially.
 +### From the original blog post
 +[Ten pillars of wisdom: a manifesto for a better later
 +life](http://​​p=2485) There’s lots of research,
 +programmes and even innovation funding to address the challenges of
 +later life, as our team of socialreporters detailed in [a recent
 +exploration for Nominet Trust](http://​​cat=52).
 +However, most of this is about doing things FOR older people. What would
 +it be like to switch the professional emphasis towards doing things WITH
 +older people?
 +I spent yesterday in Bristol at the [SW Seniors
 +getting some ideas, and I’m quite sure I’ll pick up more from a NESTA
 +event with Vickie Cammack this evening. I’m nearby and so can attend,
 +but [it is also being live
 +from 6pm.
 +Meanwhile I can’t resist sharing some thoughts I developed from the
 +assembly discussions,​ and then bounced off Tony Watts, who is chair of
 +the SW forum on ageing, and Bryan Manning, visiting professor of
 +compunetics at the University of Westminster. We turned my 10
 +provocations into a draft manifesto, and Tony suggested Ten pillars of
 +wisdom, which I like, since it reflects a lot of the discussion around
 +the wisdom held by older people, but perhaps not sufficiently valued by
 +the “ageing industry”. Point 4. The manifesto reflects some of [the 10
 +propositions generated by the Nominet Trust
 +work](http://​​p=2373),​ but this time without so much
 +of an emphasis on technology.
 +Here’s an interview with Tony and Bryan. It is also available on
 +Audioboo [here with a couple more from the
 +What do you think of the manifesto? I’ll be developing a more rigorous
 +framework with Tony, Bryan and others, and also developing ideas on how
 +to put some of this into practice, building on the work we did for
 +Nominet Trust on technology in later life. Now off to NESTA.
 +![](http://​​i/​4840034/​600.jpg "​external image 600.jpg"​)
 +[listen to Tony Watts and Bryan Manning on
 +Update: There’s a very relevant new item on NESTA’s excellent list of
 +projects - the Living map of ageing innovators: it is the [Wisdom
 +Bank](http://​​2013/​05/​30/​wisdom-bank/​) which
 +“provides a platform for people approaching retirement to share their
 +skills and insights with those that need their advice”
 +-   [Ten propositions about digital technology later in
 +    life](http://​​p=2373)
 +-   ​[Exploring tech “later in life offers lessons for tech challenges
 +    anytime](http://​​p=2379)
 +-   ​[Social technology in later life moving from exploration to
 +    cooperation](http://​​p=1018)
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