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 +# Theme 1
 +### Developing personal and community use of digital technology can help us feel valued and valuable
 +Changes in family or employment circumstances,​ perhaps coupled with
 +reducing physical or mental capabilities,​ may diminish ones sense of
 +personal value and identity later in life. There may be more time to
 +pursue personal interests, but for some people being able to contribute
 +something to others can also be important. Digital technology can
 +support new social and well as personal interests in this regard.
 +Community and voluntary organisations depend heavily on older people as
 +volunteers, and older people may be willing to participate in innovative
 +approaches to local community building using digital technology, if this
 +is combined with some support. Focussing on how digital technology can
 +enable older people to contribute to their community offers benefits for
 +them, and for their communities.
 +*The first five of our provocations provide ideas that are particularly
 +relevant and expand the ideas in this theme - together with number 8.
 +Start with friends and family.*\
 + ​[Reference for this theme on Storify - and embedded
 + [View the story “T1 Digital technology can help us feel valued and
 +valuable” on
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