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 +# Theme 2
 +### Changing circumstances and transitions in later life may be times when digital technology is most valuable
 +Change and transitions between different life events provides many
 +challenging times, whether as a result of retirement, health,
 +bereavement,​ re-locating to live with children or moving into a care
 +home. These cross-over geographic and age boundaries, but provide
 +moments where support is most needed to address challenges. Its
 +interesting to note that these moments of transition are also felt by
 +young people - perhaps when homeless, seeking job, becoming a parent.
 +Indeed it may be a key challenge across age groups, though perhaps dealt
 +with differently based upon age, experience and situation.
 +A Nominet Trust research report On the Periphery? into young people who
 +are at points of transition, and not able to connect with and use the
 +online world, provides an in-depth analysis of the issues and peoples
 +preferences and a range of suggestions for support.
 +During our exploration Gransnet, the online network for grandparents,​
 +ran a discussion on peoples greatest concerns about getting old, and how
 +technology can help. Gransnet editor Geraldine Bedell summarised the
 +concerns as Ageism, Poverty/​hardship,​ Loneliness, Health and Care,
 +Uncertainty about roles - with technology being both a concern and
 +offering benefits.
 +The spontaneous contributions to the forum gave a lively picture of
 +peoples day-to-day use of technology, and how this changed as they
 +became older and how it could change their lives for the better.
 +Provocations 1,3,4,6,7 offer some ideas for how to make the best use of
 +digital technology during transitions in life.
 +[Reference for this theme on Storify - and embedded
 + [View the story “T 2 Support through transitions and moments of change”
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