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 +# BIG plans to host an #​AgeingBetter online community. Open, closed, connected ...?
 +[Originally on Socialreporter 21.10.2015](http://​​p=3101)
 +Here's [an update to my past posts](http://​​tag=ageingbetter) about the Ageing Better programme, with news that the [Big Lottery Fund](http://​​) will be providing some support for online sharing of stories and experience. It emerged from an event for partnerships in the programme. I don't know if there was much discussion in the room, but the news sparked some sharp responses on Twitter. That's where people are talking about the issues. Will the new space connect or not?
 +[Tweets curated in Storify](https://​​davidwilcox/​sharing-ageingbetter-innovation)
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