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Update from the Centre for Ageing Better

Published on May 7 2015

The Centre for Ageing Better has posted an update on progress from interim CEO Greg Wilkinson following Twitter discussion of its consultation paper.

In addition, Shirley Ayres, Roxanne Persaud and I were invited to meet up yesterday with Greg and development director Paddy Hanrahan to discuss our concerns about the lack of any mention of technology in the current consultation paper - backstory here.

I'll follow up next week with more ideas from the meeting, but meanwhile the update explains the centre's development process, offers some opportunities for interim jobs, and promises more online engagement.

This (consultation) document is the start of our plans for consultation and engagement – not the end of them. We intend over the summer to engage with the public in a number of ways: using ethnographic research and focus groups, and also producing a follow-up document that we’ll put on the website for comments and suggestions from the public. Our first thoughts are that this will be a great time to engage with people via Twitter - not least because in a month or two’s time our startup venture will have acquired more staff and so we’ll have more capacity to do these things. All these ingredients, along with others, will feed in to the CfAB Board’s decisions in the autumn about its initial portfolio of work.

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