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 +# Update from the Centre for Ageing Better
 +[Published on](http://​​2015/​update-from-the-centre-for-ageing-better) May 7 2015 
 +The [Centre for Ageing Better](http://​​) has posted an [update on progress](http://​​file/​file_manager/​big_lottery_fund/​interim_ceo_update_2015_.pdf) from interim CEO Greg Wilkinson following Twitter discussion of its consultation paper.
 +In addition, Shirley Ayres, Roxanne Persaud and I were invited to meet up yesterday with Greg and development director Paddy Hanrahan to discuss our concerns about the lack of any mention of technology in the current consultation paper - [backstory here](/​livingwell/​betterageingpost).
 +I'll follow up next week with more ideas from the meeting, but meanwhile the update explains the centre'​s development process, offers some opportunities for interim jobs, and promises more online engagement.
 +>This (consultation) document is the start of our plans for consultation and engagement – not the end of them. We intend over the summer to engage with the public in a number of ways: using ethnographic research and focus groups, and also producing a follow-up document that we’ll put on the website for comments and suggestions from the public. Our first thoughts are that this will be a great time to engage with people via Twitter - not least because in a month or two’s time our startup venture will have acquired more staff and so we’ll have more capacity to do these things. All these ingredients,​ along with others, will feed in to the CfAB Board’s decisions in the autumn about its initial portfolio of work.
 +### Links
 +* [Centre for Ageing Better update on progress](http://​​file/​file_manager/​big_lottery_fund/​interim_ceo_update_2015_.pdf)
 +* [Centre'​s consultation paper](http://​​wordpress/​wp-content/​uploads/​2015/​04/​The-Work-of-CfAB_Consultation-Paper_March-2015-FINAL-VERSION.pdf)
 +* [Twitter helps Ageing Better Centre engage with potential for digital innovation in AgeingBetter](/​livingwell/​betterageingpost)
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