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 +# Ageing Better Innovation - exploration process
 +[Summarised from the Ageing Better Innovation exploration site February 2015](https://​​a/​​ageing-better/​exploration)
 +The 2014-15 exploration into how innovations,​ enabled by digital technology, can help support personal well being, and services for ageing better, was undertaken with the Digital Inclusion Group of the Age Action Alliance. It built on an exploration carried out in 2012-13 for the Nominet Trust, and led to further work on Living in the Digital Age. [[Details here | livingwell/​index]].
 +* [[Report on the Ageing Better Innovation exploration February 2015 | livingwell/​ABinterim]]
 +The spark for the exploration was the belief that the Big Lottery Fund’s £82 million Ageing Better programme, launched in September 2014, [could make a far greater contribution](http://​​p=3001) if it embraced the potential for digital innovation and wider knowledge sharing. ​
 +### What is innovation in Ageing Better?
 +The [[resources pages | livingwell/​resources]] includes examples:
 +* Projects using technology to improve care, tackle loneliness, address health challenges.
 +* Older people increasingly using smartphones,​ tablets, smart TVs as well as computers, with thousands of apps designed for well-being as well as general use.
 +* Innovative approaches to sharing experience, gathering ideas, raising funds and collaborating that are enabled by technology. ​
 +### The exploration process
 +The general process for explorations is [described here](https://​​a/​​livinglab/​explorations/​planning-an-exploration). ​
 +![exploration process](../​uploads/​Exploration3.png)
 +The main stages so far in this exploration have been:
 +* Enlisting the help of the Digital Inclusion Group of Age Action Alliance. [Proposal to achieve that here.](https://​​a/​​ageing-better/​exploration/​digital-inclusion-group)
 +* Researching what's happening in the field. Initial results on the [resources pages](/​livingwell/​resources)
 +* Developing a set of provocation from discussion with DIG and others, and distilling challenges. [First draft here.](/​livingwell/​challenges)
 +* Setting up a Uservoice platform to [generate ideas, and then mapping them](/​livingwell/​ideasforum)
 +The next stages was holding a workshop with the Department for Communities and Local Government. ​
 +* [Workshop report here](/​livingwell/​workshopreport)
 +* [Updates on the Mediablends blog](http://​
 +David Wilcox Drew Mackie
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