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Living Well in the Digital Age

David Wilcox and Drew Mackie | Contact

Since 2012 we have explored, with Nominet Trust and then Age Action Alliance, the importance of digital technology for older people, particularly in relation to personal wellbeing and the challenges of loneliness and social isolation. Those explorations led to two reports, and proposals for a learning network.

During 2015/2016 we worked on the Joined Up Digital Project with the Centre for Ageing Better, bringing together many of our ideas from the past four years.

We helped design and run a major simulation, hosted by the Centre, at which 50 people from the ageing field played through how digital tech and network thinking could benefit older people, represented by six personas.

We have developed:

  • A series of blogs posts and papers More >
  • Workshop games and simulations More >
  • Proposals for local Living Labs that would bring together maps, apps and storytelling to build stronger, friendly communities More >
  • Plans for a Digital Age Learning Network More >
  • Discussion with the new Centre for Ageing Better about the role of technology in its plans. More >

Living Well in the Digital Age blog

We held a networking event in London on July 28 2015. Report here

Where action is needed

Background - the exploration process

During the first phase of the exploration, into technology for Ageing Better Innovation, we identified some key challenges to address:

  1. Promote greater understanding of ways that technology is changing the world that we all live in
  2. Influence current digital inclusion programmes towards an approach that recognises the importance of familiar technology, mobile devices, and personalised routes towards adoption.
  3. Encourage and support organisations in the ageing field in the use of social technology
  4. Facilitate conversations and stories that make it easier to develop inclusive discussion of digital inclusion and innovation
  5. Make better use of existing assets - research, practical experience and innovative projects that could be scaled.
  6. Promote ways to introduce innovation into the Big Lottery Fund‘s Ageing Better programme, and other programmes.

The challenges were developed following discussion of a set of provocations. The key themes were also reflected in a symposium organised by the South East England Forum on Ageing, as you can see in this blog post.

We generated some ideas to meet the challenges, and gathered reports, research and other resources, and produced a report in Februrary 2015.

Report on the exploration February 2015

Ageing Better Innovation

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