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 +# Maps, apps and storytelling to reduce social isolation
 +[Published on Mediablends](http://​​2015/​maps-apps-and-storytelling-to-reduce-social-isolation) 4/6/2015
 +*Summary: Local Living Labs that combine network maps, digital technology and storytelling could provide a framework for projects to reduce social isolation*.
 +This week Drew Mackie and I had the chance to explain our ideas for local Living Labs to the Loneliness and Social Isolation Group of Age Action Alliance, thanks to an invite from the chair Shelagh Marshall. The Labs are one outcome from our [exploration](/​livingwell/​index) into Living Well in the Digital Age.
 +You can [see the slides here](http://​​davidwilcox/​maps-apps-and-storytelling-48979717) - although I suggest [first reading the supporting notes](http://​​livingwell/​lsigroup).
 +We had a great discussion, and we are now planning a workshop to play through how the Living labs kit will be developed. Here's [how we did something similar](http://​​p=3032) last year with the Local Government Information Unit.
 +We are developing proposals for a funder, and there'​s [more of our thinking about Living Labs here](/​livingwell/​model).
 +We also discussed ideas for a cross-topic network to help other groups in Age Action Alliance explore the role of digital technology and innovation. More on that later.
 +* [Exploration into Living Well in the Digital Age](/​livingwell/​index)
 +* [Slides](http://​​davidwilcox/​maps-apps-and-storytelling-48979717)
 +* [Notes on the presentation](/​livingwell/​lsigroup)
 +* [Workshop simulation with LGIU](http://​​p=3032)
 +* [Draft Living Labs proposal](/​livingwell/​model)
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