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 +# Re-inventing a Positive Ageing forum in the Digital Age with MervChangeAGEnt and ageuklondon
 +Published on [](http://​​2016/​re-inventing-a-positive-ageing-forum-in-the-digital-age-with) September 21 2016
 +Here's a Storify of Twitter exchanges during and after the Positive Ageing in London event that [I wrote about yesterday](http://​​2016/​no-funds---but-a-very-positive-ageing-event-thanks).
 +Thanks to the positive attitude of the chair Mervyn Eastman - always up for a challenge - it looks as if there'​s interest in exploring innovative ways for the forum to operate in the face of funding cuts.
 +[View Storify](https://​​davidwilcox/​re-inventing-a-forum-for-positive-ageing)
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