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 +# Some AgeingBetter innovation resources - who do you follow, and which hashtags?
 +[Originally on Mediablends January 2015](http://​​2014/​some-ageingbetter-innovation-resources---who-do-you-follow-and
 +I've put together a rather random selection of resources about technology, innovation and Ageing Better[on this Google doc](http://​​CjpZhn)for a couple of reasons.
 +First, I want to show how much is happening - from major research and funding programmes, through to local projects and the development of apps for mobile devices. Second, I was checking to see whether it was any easier these days to find just who is doing what - whether you are a researcher, policy-maker,​ funder or just someone looking for advice for yourself, a friend or relative.
 +My conclusion - it's all still pretty confusing. Back in March 2013[Shirley Ayres wrote](https://​​2013/​03/​01/​digital-technology-and-care-how-do-we-promote-more-connected-thinking/​):​
 +"There is so much potential for digital technology to enable people to make new connections,​ contribute to person-centred support, develop community networks and new models of care so an obvious question is what is stopping more widespread adoption?
 +There is no shortage of innovations in digital technology and millions of pounds are being spent supporting further developments. It is less clear about the application,​ impact and usage of these innovations.
 +"One problem is the limited awareness in the sector and amongst the public about what is available and it’s value. I believe that a big deficit is the lack of a strategic approach to embedding digital technology in the range of options to support people to live more fulfilling lives."​
 +[As I've noted in the doc](http://​​CjpZhn),​ Shirley suggested a number of initiatives:​ convene a roundtable of funders; provide signposts to advice and information;​ promote events; map digital community hubs; benchmark awareness.
 +Before moving on to what might be done now, I would be glad of any further suggestions for resources, who you follow on Twitter for tech and innovation in Ageing Better, and which hashtags.
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