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 +# Update on Living Well in the Digital Age 2
 +Over the past few months I've been blogging at [](http://​ about my exploration,​ with Drew Mackie, into [Living Well in the Digital Age](http://​​livingwell/​Index),​ and been rather remiss in failing to provide an update [since April](http://​​p=3295) - so here goes.
 +The most interesting recent development has been that the Centre for Ageing Better - initially slow to recognise the importance of digital technology - has now caught up with the welcome announcement of a Digital Initiative and recruitment of a digital manager. [More here](http://​​livingwell/​cfabdigital)
 +In addition, the Big Lottery Fund, which supports the Centre with a £50 million endowment, is promising to explore how digital technology could play a bigger part in the community projects that it supports. [More here](http://​​livingwell/​bigai).
 +BIG has also announced £2 million of funding for a consortium to train and support hundreds of digital champions. The consortium - One Digital - is promising cooperation with others in the field. [More here](http://​​livingwell/​champions)
 +We ran a workshop in July to explore how best to take our ideas forward - [report here](http://​​livingwell/​july28post) - and then things rather died during the holidays. My next step is to check in with the new digital manager at Centre for Ageing Better, when appointed next month, and see if we can link the exploration to the Centre'​s digital initiative.
 +* [Exploration into Living Well in the Digital Age](http://​​livingwell/​Index)
 +* [All papers and blog posts](http://​​livingwell/​lwposts)
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