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Living Well workshop report

Original post at 02/04/2015

Our workshop about Living Well in the Digital Age, at the Department for Communities and Local Government, which I wrote about here went extremely well.

We had some 40 people, from the Age Action Alliance Digital Inclusion Group, as well as civil servants and others interested in the topic.

In the first part of the workshop William Barker of DCLG presented their Grey Cells model - which I've written about here and here, and invited contributions. Lots of post-it notes generated. We then presented ideas for Living Labs on the lines of the briefing note circulated beforehand.

Our main points were:

  • After a substantial exploration into digital technology for Ageing Better, we refocused on Living Well in the Digital Age, reflecting a personalised rather than programme-driven approach.
  • The DCLG Grey Cells blueprint provides a policy-level framework for digital services and citizen engagement. We are developing a kit to help design support at two lower levels: local community, and personal.
  • Our aim is to pilot local Living Labs, where we can help local partners develop initiatives that support people using whatever technology meets their needs and interests. The focus is on mapping local assets for projects, and helping build networks to use these and increase social capital.
  • As well as supporting local Labs, we plan to develop a kit than will be more widely available. This will include advice on mapping networks and assets, and how to run prototyping simulations. The starting point in each instance is a set of personas representing people who may benefit in any programme. This ensures that design and development is person-focused.

In addition, at the workshop Drew Mackie described work with Croydon Voluntary Action, where we are piloting our first Living Lab linked to their work on Asset Based Community Development. We have been working with community builders and connectors to help them add social network mapping to their current asset-mapping work, and also research what tech the builders and connectors can use in their work.

Next steps

We will review with the Digital Inclusion Group how best to re-form a working group to take forward the ideas for a kit and local Living Labs. We have interest from a potential funder.

Meanwhile we are keen to hear from anyone at the workshop, or who couldn't attend, who might be interesting in joining in further development. Contact details here. I'll update further on this blog -

David Wilcox

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