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 +#Workshops exploringLiving Well in the Digital Age
 +During the course of the exploration we developed games and simulations around people'​s personal use of technology, and how to plan and use tech locally.
 +[Overview of games and simulations](/​livingwell/​games)
 +[How our workshop game confirmed all digital adoption is personal](/​livingwell/​ageuklondon)
 +Report of a workshop with Age UK London using fictitious characters to explore what online activities might suit each of them. 29/1/2014 on Socialreporter
 +[Playing through council plans for digital participation in the face of cuts](/​livingwell/​southwark)
 +How we used a cast of fictitious characters and organisations to help a London borough plan its digital participation strategy in the face of austerity cuts. 15/09/2014 on Socialreporter
 +[Using digital technology and asset mapping to tackle social isolation – without special funding](/​livingwell/​lgiugame)
 +Report of a simulation about a partneship that bid for funds, failed, and decided to proceed anyway using digital innovation. 27/09/2014 on Socialreporter
 +[Living Well workshop report](/​livingwell/​workshopreport)
 +Report on workshop held with the Digital Inclusion Group and Department for Communities and Local Government March 27 2015 on Mediablends
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