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North Argyll Islands Digital Community Workshop

The workshop was held on Saturday April 12 2003 as part of a seminar for Digital Champions participating in the pioneering North Argyll Islands Digital Community - one of two digital communities promoted and supported by the Scottish Executive.

Nearly 2000 computers have been distributed to people living on 13 islands off the west coast of Scotland. Training courses have been run, and a new community portal launched.

                         A key part of the strategy is to support volunteer Digital Champions, and paid mentors, who will promote and support use of the computers, the portal and other online activities.
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Summary of the workshop

Digital champions and their strategic support team spent two hours ‘playing through’ the activities and projects that may be needed to make the digital community a success.

The champions developed their ideas by working in groups drawn from different islands, to help people get to know each other better.

The groups invented some typical island situations, and then used a menu of ideas, on cards, to develop action plans to tackle problems and improve or protect the community, economy and environment of the islands. They also added their own ideas.The workshop was facilitated by David Wilcox of Making the Net Work.   ![](images/nai14.png)
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The strategy team from Argyll and Bute Council and portal developers UniTech developed their own priorities and some strategic objectives for the programme - and fortunately the island and support team views broadly agreed.

Three main strands emerged from the discussion:

  1. More help is needed for champions and members of the digital community, with a support service, help desk, trouble shooting, and clear set of procedures for champions.
  2. More planning is needed to make sure developments meet the needs of the islands, through additional research  and visioning workshops.
  3. Priority developments to make use of the technology should include island websites, ecommerce to help businesses, and further development of the 2000Friends site that already provides forum for community members.

Additional suggestions will be developed following circulation of the draft report.

These web pages are a first draft for discussion with the organising team.

North Argyll Islands Digital Community

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\ ![Workshop](images/wkshop.png)Movies from the workshop \>

Photography Daniel J Wilcox

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