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Suggestions for next steps

Three main strands emerged from the discussion:

  1. More help is needed for champions and members of the digital community, with a support service, help desk, trouble shooting, and clear set of procedures for champions.
  2. More planning is needed to make sure developments meet the needs of the islands, through additional research  and visioning workshops.
  3. Priority developments to make use of the technology should include island websites, ecommerce to help businesses, and further development of the 2000Friends site that already provides forum for community members.

Additional suggestions will be developed following circulation of the draft report. Issues to consider include:

  • Further awareness raising and community engagement
  • Technical support and trouble shooting
  • Champions support
  • Continuing training
  • Visioning and planning
  • Portal content development
  • DIY user and community project development
  • Sustainability and community ownership

David Wilcox\ April 21 2003

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