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 +# Getting started
 +This Getting Started section covers how you can brief yourself and
 +others about the the Net, and how to take the first steps in developing
 +a community technology initiative like those covered in our [Help
 +for](/​mtnw/​help-for/​index)… section.
 +It will be made up of articles on this site, and links to others, mainly
 +at [The Guide to Getting Communities
 +## Briefing yourself and others
 +Terry explains [how to learn about the
 +[the key benefits of getting online](../​tools/​bene):​ information,​
 +communication,​ collaboration,​ visibility and managing effectively…
 +… and then describes the [main Net
 +you can use to achieve these.
 +## Starting an initiative
 +See the section on [planning](/​mtnw/​plan/​index),​ and our suggested
 +#### Some other favourite sites…**in the UK**
 +[BBC Webwise](http://​​webwise/​0/​)\
 + ​http://​​webwise\
 + ​There’s a terrific range of material at the BBC, from basics to more
 +advanced, and a Becoming Webwise course you can sign up for. [BBC
 +Online](http://​ is the most popular content site in
 +[Getting Connected](http://​​connect/​)\
 + ​http://​​connect\
 + Back in 1997 a group of organisations,​ funded by the UK Home Office,
 +developed some demonstration material which has since been updated and
 +which helped form the basis for Making The Net Work.
 +[Sussex Community Internet Project](http://​​mtnw)\
 + ​http://​​mtnw\
 + SCIP provides a welcome to visitors from this site and shows how they
 +help local groups and communities on the South Coast. A good list of
 +links plus their own material tailored to local needs.
 +[IT resources for UK Charities and Non-profits\
 + This site offers more specialist information on technical resources for
 +### in the US
 +[Learn the Net](http://​​index.php/​index.html)\
 + ​http://​​english/​index.html**\
 +** Terry Grunwald writes: This is my favorite Intro to the Net web site
 +for beginners. It’s comprehensive,​ easy-to-follow,​ and provides just the
 +right amount of information for new users to master at one seating.
 +Their new animated tutorials (needs the Flash plug-in) are fun way to
 +learn the Net.
 + ​http://​​nonprofit/​\
 + ​ is a collaboration between AOL Foundation and the Benton
 +Foundation, whose [Best Practices
 +Toolkit](https://​​archive/​publibrary/​practice/​toolkit/​home.html) has long been an
 +source of information for community networkers. See the nonprofit
 +section in
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