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 +The advantages of online advice
 + ​Gareth Morgan Managing Director, Ferret Information Systems.
 +<​>​ wrote this article in 1997.\
 +The Government expects that within ten years many public information
 +systems which are currently paper based will become electronic, with
 +citizens accessing information through public kiosks or 'set top boxes'
 +linked to TVs. ([See Government plans electronic information for
 + ​Gareth Morgan, Managing Director, Ferret Information Systems, explains
 +the benefits of systems using new technologies.
 +-   They allow for control over the content so that the information
 +    should always be current and accurate, there should be no danger of
 +    somebody making an important decision on the basis of information
 +    contained in a 3 year old leaflet, long out of date.
 +-   They remove the need for expensive staff to spend time repetitively
 +    providing the same information to different users.
 +-   They allow for different language versions to be available where
 +    provision of multi-lingual staff would be impossible, and in some
 +    cases they allow for versions appropriate for disabled users to be
 +    provided.
 +-   They allow valuable expertise to be captured and distributed in an
 +    effective and easy to understand way - if well designed!
 +Welfare benefits is one example where information can be tailored to the
 +circumstances of the enquirer, even though it may not be unique to
 + ​Entitlement to benefits depends on a large number of factors including
 +the number and ages of the people in the family, their savings, their
 +pay and hours of work, type and cost of housing, their health, other
 +people in their house and many other items. But this information when
 +provided will allow an accurate estimate of their entitlement to a
 +variety of benefits to be calculated without requiring them to identify
 +themselves. For a demonstration of this see the on-line calculator of
 +this on our WWW site at
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