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 +How a community group developed their own guide to the Internet
 + ​Veronica Frazier and John Cox, <​>​ wrote this
 +article in 1997.\
 +The Bede Island Community Association (BICA) is an umbrella organisation
 +with 60 members operating in the Leicester City Challenge area. BICA
 +wanted to show members and anyone else interested how useful the
 +Internet might be, so volunteers Veronica Frazier and John Cox carried
 +out some research for a demonstration.\
 + The result of their work was a set of Web pages with links to other
 +sites that had information on topics likely to be of interest to
 +community groups - for example, children & youth, crime prevention,
 +disability, education and equality issues, as well as several reference
 +sites about national and local government. It took several weeks of
 +browsing around the Internet, as well as research in magazines'​ and
 +newspapers'​ Internet sections.\
 + They commented: 'The most useful resource we used was the search
 +directory Yahoo. Approximately three quarters of the links we eventually
 +used came from categories within Yahoo- particularly the UK & Ireland
 +version of Yahoo
 + '​We decided to focus on the web sites and pages as our experience with
 +newsgroups tended to be more bewildering than useful from a novice'​s
 +point of view. (We felt as if we were constantly coming into a
 +conversation midway and never quite figuring out what it was all
 + '​After finding relevant sites and making bookmarks, John sorted them
 +into categories. This restructured bookmark file was then opened in the
 +web editor to create our own links web page. Using the web editor was
 +not much different from using any word processing or graphics package.\
 + '​Eventually the list of links became too large to be viewed without
 +scrolling the page up and down, so John developed additional links
 + You can view the BICA pages we created at
 +## What's Really Needed.
 +Our conclusions on what's really needed to help groups are:
 +-   More groups / organisations putting their local experiences on line.
 +-   More community reference materials available in abbreviated form (if
 +    not full text) on line. (Look at
 +    [https://​​government/​organisations/​charity-commission](https://​​government/​organisations/​charity-commission)
 +    as a good example.)
 +-   More basic IT training being made available to the voluntary sector
 +    at with Internet & email considered as part of essential basics.
 +-   More central government funding made available to enable the above
 +    (particularly for the smaller organisations who frequently don't
 +    have the budget to accommodate IT).
 +-   More technical advice on email software.
 +-   ​Further development of Voluntary/​Non-Profit/​Charitable Search
 +    Directories
 +-   Every local authority having an interactive web site (like
 +    [http://​](http://​​))
 +## Our advice to other groups.
 +Use someone else's Internet connection (like your local cyber cafe, if
 +you have one or a friend or co-worker) for your first try. It has the
 +benefit of someone else being around to help you out. Failing that ask
 +someone with demonstration equipment to organise a workshop and talk the
 +local authority into funding it. And above all, keep persevering
 +(remember the light bulb and the telephone didn't take off overnight
 +### Value to be gained.
 +The Internet is an additional tool for communicating with other people
 +in other communities around the nation and the rest of the world. With
 +proper training and everyone using it as every day standard, the use of
 +the Internet can greatly improve the networking of individuals and
 +groups - making distances and time differences virtually
 +inconsequential. When used effectively,​ it can be cheaper than
 +traditional telephone methods and more responsive than traditional
 +postal methods.\
 + We are getting closer and closer to achieving immense benefits from
 +using the Internet every day.\
 + ​Article by Veronica Frazier\
 + Web Pages by John Cox\
 + ​e-mail us at <​>​
 +## Resources Used
 +### Internet Tools
 +-   Web Browser - Netscape Navigator 2.0.
 +-   ​Search Directory - Yahoo!
 +-   ​Search Engines - AltaVista, eXcite, InfoSeek
 +-   Off line Cache Readers - unMozify, Netscape Cache Reader
 +-   Web Editor - Built in editor of Netscape Navigator
 +### Magazines
 +-   ​Computer - PC Advisor, PC Home, PC Direct, Computer Life, Computer
 +    Shopper, What PC
 +-   ​Internet - The .net, The Web, Internet
 +### Newspapers
 +-   Local - The Leicester Mercury
 +-   ​National - The Guardian, The Times, The Independent
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