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 +Multi-media?​ Make mine a quilt
 + ​[Morris Williams](mailto:​,​ wrote this article in 1997.\
 +University computer experts planning to help community groups in Bristol
 +use multimedia thought lack of ideas might be a problem. Quite the
 +reverse: projects now include autobiographical quilts and telling the
 +story of a community through an interactive map.
 +Our project is managed by staff from the Department of Computing at the
 +University of the West of England with an Advisory Group from the
 +community and voluntary sector. A pilot site has been set up at Barton
 +Hill Settlement with a project worker, Mijanou Blech. A first stage is
 +underway using Authorware to develop multi-media productions with
 + Later developments will be to make the productions available via a
 +world-wide web site. The kinds of project ideas currently being
 +developed include:\
 +-   work with a group of isolated older people who are involved in the
 +    making of an autobiographical quilt. The stories of the lives of the
 +    makers and the making of the quilt will be captured in a multi-media
 +    version.
 +-   work to address the problems faced by community arts groups when the
 +    County of Avon was replaced by four unitary authorities. A
 +    multi-media production showing the richness and value of community
 +    arts work will be developed to raise awareness and support within
 +    the new authorities and with the public.
 +-   a locality based multi-media production telling the story of a small
 +    neighbourhood through an interactive map to underpin and celebrate
 +    the local community.
 +'​Initially we thought a problem might be ideas for the use of
 +multi-media because people might not know it's capabilities.\
 + '​Instead we found that the community groups have long used a wide
 +variety of media and immediately saw the communication potentials of
 +multi-media and the Internet. They wanted to be producers however not
 +just consumers and at the same time gain new skills. Ideas are not is
 +short supply.\
 + '​What has been a problem is establishing a robust technical platform.
 +Theoretically we had 'plug and play compatibility'​ of hardware &
 +software but the practice has proven rather more difficult.\
 + '​We have been carefully documenting our technical progress but what
 +would really help us and similar projects is technical expertise in
 +overcoming the fragility of technical platforms in their set-up phase.'​\
 + Nick Plant, Morris'​ colleague, offers the following tips for similar
 +-   get partner organisations in early to help shape your project'​s aims
 +    and practice to make them relevant to local needs, there is a danger
 +    of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) projects being
 +    parachuted into areas as the latest panacea.
 +-   ​don'​t underestimate the time it takes to set up and test your
 +    technical platform
 +-   when things go wrong don't try and just "hack it" or you'll be in
 +    deeper problems later on.
 +-   ​document everything you do.
 +-   plan ahead to try and judge demand, managing expectations needs to
 +    be done carefully in the light of all the hype surrounding ICTs -
 +    don't promise what you can't deliver.
 +The Connections Project is funded by the Bristol Regeneration
 +Partnership under the Single Regeneration Budget.\
 +For more information contact [Nick Plant](mailto:​ or [Morris
 +Williams](mailto:​ at
 +the Department of Computing, UWE, Frenchay Campus, Coldharbour Lane,
 +Bristol BS16 1QY
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