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 +What does IT all cost?
 + by by [Mark Walker](mailto:​ \<​\>​
 +Mark Walker, Communications Officer for PACT Community Projects in
 +Sussex, investigated the costs of getting online for his organisation.
 +This article was written in 1997.
 +Every charity, whether small, medium or large, has a variety of demands
 +on its resources. We don't have large sums of money to invest in new
 +ideas, but we can look at ways of building our expertise in a
 +progressive and affordable way. Developing the use of Internet is no
 +different - it requires a planned approach, with realistic goals and
 +regular review against the benefits to be gained.
 +Initial costs
 +-   At least a 486 computer or equivalent - generally Macintosh or PC
 +-   A telephone line - new or existing
 +-   An Internet account
 +-   A modem
 +-   At least one person interested in the Internet!
 +-   ​Software
 +Suggested starting point
 +-   £ 200 upgrading computer to 486 - if necessary
 +-   £ 120 on a 28,800 bps modem
 +-   £10 for cable and adaptors for existing phone line
 +-   £ 10 on "The Rough Guide to the Internet'​ and a couple of Internet
 +    magazines
 +On-going costs
 +-   ​Training
 +-   A person to manage the work - possibly an existing IT support worker
 +-   ​Telephone calls
 +-   ​Internet account subscription
 +-   ​Summary of on-going costs:
 +An average spend might be:
 +-   £ 20 a month telephone bills
 +-   £ 15 a month Internet account
 +-   £ 150 per annum on staff training, including '​Idiot'​s Guide to
 +    Internet'​
 +-   £ 20/30 per year subscription to an Internet magazine to keep up
 +    with what's going on.
 +Is it worth it?
 +Adopting the Internet requires an organisation to consider a variety of
 +costs, and to assess the potential benefits against these costs.
 +As a bottom line, if you already have a computer the minimum cost of
 +setting up is about £200, with on-going costs of around £250 - 300 per
 +You will also need to consider the time needed to develop the work -
 +whether paid or unpaid - and the training needs of other staff. In the
 +long term this may require additional staff time.
 +Not everyone can afford it, but a larger organisation could consider
 +could be looking at initial costs of around £2,500, and on-going costs
 +in the order of £ 25,000 - 30,000 per annum. This would include
 +dedicated staff time and support costs as new services and uses develop.
 +In either case the money could be found by savings in phone calls,
 +postage and free information currently paid for, or raised as a lump sum
 +as a fund-raising task.
 +This is, by necessity, a limited view of what is a rapidly changing
 +situation. Until telephone calls are free and Internet accounts supplied
 +free (don't hold your breath) there will be recurring costs, and these
 +will continue to be barriers for many individuals and organisations.
 +[What use is the Internet?​](pact) by Mark Walker
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