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 +Government plans electronic information for all
 + ​[David Wilcox](mailto:​,​
 +wrote this article in 1997\
 +Government aims to promote the use of online information services to the
 +point where this is 'the preferred option for the majority of
 +government'​s customers (both citizens and businesses)'​.\
 + ​Details of the proposals were set out in a Green Paper '​Government
 +Direct: A Prospectus for the Electronic Delivery of Government Services'​
 +and explained by the Minister for Public Service, Roger Freeman, at the
 +IT for All launch in December 1996.\
 + He said: 'It will become possible to interact with government at the
 +time and place chosen by the user. Through public access kiosks, through
 +personal computers at home or in businesses and eventually through the
 +domestic TV set, government services will be available 24 hours a day, 7
 +days a week at the touch of a button. Many contacts with government will
 +be carried out this way: obtaining information;​ applying for a licence;
 +enquiring about regulations or taxation; applying for grants or
 +benefits; the collection of statistics or even selling products to
 +Government. In the longer term, it will become possible to carry out the
 +whole transaction electronically on the spot.'​\
 + These developments are planned within the next 10 years, and will be
 +another major factor in establishing online information as an important
 +part of everyday life.
 +[The advantages of online advice](advice1l),​ by Gareth Morgan\
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