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 +Family fun and learning on the Net
 + By Jane Mitra, Parents Information Network\
 +Using the Internet can be very liberating for parents with small
 +children: they are no longer confined to services within easy travelling
 +distance; they can find information,​ entertainment,​ training and advice;
 +they can make networks of contacts across the world cheaply and easily;
 +and they can set up wonderful learning experiences for their children on
 +some of the many excellent educational Web sites now available.\
 + ​Parents and older children can keep up-to-date with their own
 +particular interests through the many sport and hobby Web sites; discuss
 +issues with other interested people; or read online newspapers together.
 +Many families find that using the Net draws them together to share the
 +good things they find, instead of being a solitary activity, and there
 +is great potential for fun too.\
 + A new type of software called agentware allows each member of the
 +family to train an agent to go out across the Internet and find the kind
 +of sites they are particularly interested in. My family, for example, is
 +interested in the origins of mankind, specifically cro-magnon man. We
 +have trained an agent to find information on this very specific topic.
 +That agent has saved us hours of searching and it is really exciting
 +when it delivers new information to us.\
 + One way in which parents can learn to use the Net is to go back to
 +school. Northgate Primary School has trained some parent helpers to use
 +the Internet. In return, they have agreed to work on the Net with small
 +groups of children for a couple of hours, once a week, under the
 +direction of the class teacher. They mainly use the school'​s own fully
 +indexed list of bookmarks to go to sites relevant to the children'​s
 +curriculum work. The list is also available to them at home from the
 +school'​s Web site which runs on the Herts County Council server. This is
 +a good example of how training and support from the local school can be
 +of practical use to parents in their own family.
 +Good family URLs
 +Starwave [http://​​](http://​​)\
 + An American site with guidance and expert advice on family issues, a
 +good range of electronic postcards to send, and links to other useful
 + ​Launchpad
 + A huge American listing of sites for parents and children.\
 + The BBC <​http://​>​\
 + The official BBC site includes programme information and support
 +materials plus goodies like the Blue Peter pages at
 + ​Children'​s Literature Web Guide
 + A wonderful Canadian site, compiled by a librarian, which features
 +information about books for children and young adults, online books,
 +parents'​ resources and links to many other useful family sites.\
 + ​Recreational Software Advisory Council <​http://​​index.cfm>​\
 + This home page includes useful information for parents about using the
 +organisation'​s rating system to filter out unwanted sites from family
 + Jane Mitra\
 + ​[Parents Information Network](mailto:​
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