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 +Key functions of community networking
 +by [Terry Grunwald](mailto:​
 +Terry Grunwald, in her book Making the Net Work, identifies 12 key
 +functions for the process of enabling non-profit organisations and the
 +wider community to make effective use of the Internet. They are
 +summarised and adapted here.
 +-   ​Access in the home, at work, within organisations\
 +-   ​Public access points\
 +-   ​Training and technical assistance for people\
 +-   ​Training and technical assistance for organisations\
 +-   ​Information brokering (e.g. helping people find and use information
 +    in libraries etc.)\
 +-   ​Creating and monitoring local content and a good interface which
 +    organises content online\
 +-   ​Electronic democracy and problem-solving forums\
 +-   ​Connecting local communities and communities of interest\
 +-   ​Providing/​recycling hardware and software\
 +-   ​Promoting online collaboration networks\
 +-   ​Supporting entrepreneurship in cyberspace\
 +-   ​Supporting online learning
 +Some of these issues are explored and demonstrated on the [Getting
 +Connected](http://​​connect/​index.html) pages on
 +this site. See also [Seven steps to building electronic
 +\*Making the Net Work is available from <​>​
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