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 +Its Gender meltdown time
 +by Christine Fraser\
 + ​Gender issues have always been driven by women - and for many women
 +'​gender',​ where differences lead to bias in opportunities,​ is a major
 +issue. The challenge taken up by campaigning women has usually been to
 +confront hierarchical structures, bureaucracy and systems perceived to
 +block or frustrate equal access to opportunities.\
 + This is less so, if at all, with information technology. It's
 +different. Whilst access to IT equipment and on-line facilities may be
 +an '​issue',​ it is an issue for ALL. Now there is less frustration at
 +blockage in the '​vertical'​ system and structure of '​authority'​ because
 +lines of communication are opening up horizontally in an unmediated,
 +un-edited way.\
 + Since technology is gender-blind,​ a real opportunity presents itself to
 +create the Information Society free from a negative gender legacy. it is
 +refreshing to meet new people on the Internet where gender is wholly
 +irrelevant. I spent two weeks communicating with Keikki in Finland
 +before I knew he was a man.\
 + On the other hand, personal relationships benefit enormously where
 +people working apart can be kept in touch. Jane recently attended our
 +'​CyberSkills Workshops'​ in Plymouth. She is now getting on-line so that
 +she and her merchant-seaman husband can be in direct touch when he is
 +away at sea for up to 6 weeks at a time. At £2.50 per minute for
 +satellite telephone, e-mail is clearly a better and more cost-effective
 +option. And because young people tend to enjoy using it, it also ensures
 +the kids write to Dad without prompting!\
 + The Chinese define woman as 'One Half of the Sky'. Perhaps women can
 +therefore think of themselves now as 'One Half of CYBERSPACE'​. And
 +gender-meltdown means we won't be able to see the join\
 + © [Christine Fraser](mailto:​\
 + ​Network 2000\
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