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 +In addition to the main introduction,​ there will be summary
 +introductions for each section.
 + This booklet provides ideas on how to use computers and communication
 +technology like the Internet in local communities.\
 + It aims to show how IT for All can become a reality in the community,
 +and how IT can make a difference in people'​s everyday lives. Its main
 +emphasis is on the use communications technology like the Internet,
 +because that is where the greatest benefits appear likely, and where
 +people need most help.\
 + The booklet is for those already using IT at home, in their business or
 +organisation,​ and who wish to explore its wider applications.\
 + It is also for those who are working in community and voluntary
 +organisations wondering whether IT can help with their work, and if so
 +how to get started.\
 + The booklet does not aim to provide news of the latest technical
 +developments and definitive advice, or a comprehensive review of
 +community use of technology. Events are moving too fast for that.\
 + ​Rather it aims to give a snapshot of what's happening on the ground
 +early in 1997 through the words of those who are pioneering community
 +use of IT. Throughout there are links to the Communities Online Web site
 +which contains more material, and to other sites.\
 + There are suggestions about how to get online and see this material if
 +you do not have an Internet connection, through libraries, cybercafes
 +and other access points.\
 + As well as providing ideas for the use of IT by groups and individuals,​
 +the booklet suggests how partnerships of public, private and community
 +interests might collaborate to promote IT for All - a local equivalent
 +of the national campaign.\
 + ​Already many of these local partnership initiatives are developing in
 +the UK. Some are drawing on the experience of community networks which
 +have developed in North America for the past decade. Increasingly they
 +are seeking to share experience with projects in Europe. One use of the
 +technology is to discover how far communities around the world share
 +common problems and can offer each other common solutions.
 +Help from the IT for All campaign
 +The IT for All campaign may be able to help those seeking to develop IT
 +projects in the community by..... (to be developed)
 +The Communities Online Web site
 +Longer versions of the articles in this booklet are contained on the
 +Communities Online Web site at http://​,​ together
 +with other material and links.\
 + In order to look at this and other Web sites.........\
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