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 +Green Party'​s low cost system
 +Pennny Shepherd writes:\
 + ​Active members of the Green Party form a widely dispersed community of
 +people all over the country (or countries if you prefer). They have very
 +limited resources - about one third of GP members are low waged and new
 +PCs or ISP monthly rental are beyond their means - and lack access to
 +the sorts of funds available in principle to non-political groups.\
 + They have therefore developed a very cheap way to communicate online.
 +They run an email/bbs server, the Green Express, on a PC which sits in
 +the corner of someone'​s living room. It is linked in to the rest of the
 +email world via greennet but doesnt have web access or the like. It
 +contains internal conferences as well as policy material, etc and also
 +gives a way to submit material to published newsletters,​ etc.\
 + To access it, GP members can use a wide variety of hardware - anything
 +from a steam-powered Amstrad PCW or Amiga upwards. They pay a onetime 15
 +pound registration fee to receive client software suitable for their m/c
 +plus a manual. Training is provided at party conferences,​ by peer
 +support and, I think, by the volunteer sysop. The only ongoing costs for
 +users is for a 4-5 minute telephone call (unfortunately national rate)
 +to upload/​download mail while the central ongoing costs are basically
 +the electricity bill and line rental for the server. Needless to say, it
 +receives no external funding. The Party has just started also to supply
 +bulk-ordered modems at cost to make it even easier for people to get
 + More info is available from\
 + [Back to the Guide to Community Internet](../​pubs/​guide)
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