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 +Articles on community networking
 +Much of the material here written in the 1990'​s,​ since when much has
 +changed. There is more recent material on [Making that Net
 +Work](http://​ and David Wilcox'​s blog
 +[Designing for Civil Society](http://​​civic)
 +Community networking is used here to describe both the structures and
 +practices of using the Internet for community benefit-community networks
 +and community networking. There'​s no agreed definition of either, but
 +those involved stress:
 +-   ​Providing support and training to help individuals and groups make
 +    use of new technology
 +-   ​Promoting universal access
 +-   Using the technology for personal development and citizen
 +    empowerment
 +-   Using electronic networking to both publish information useful to a
 +    local community, and promote communication within the community.
 +In North America, where community networks have been operating for 10
 +years, many started by providing access to the Internet. Now this role
 +has been taken up by commercial providers, networks are concentrating on
 +information,​ communication,​ support and training.\
 + In the UK networks range from those run by local authorities with tight
 +control of content, through to bulletin board systems where anyone is
 +free to post information. Examples of UK networks and listings of
 +networks internationally are provide on this page.\
 + This page lists articles and books relevant to community networks and
 +networking. Those which are on this site are marked '​local'​.
 +-   ​[Articles in How you can use IT in the
 +    community](../​pubs/​index)- all local
 +-   ​[Other articles](index)
 +Other articles
 +-   ​[Inventing the Future](index) Text of a booklet about what the
 +    Information Society may mean for communities. (Local).
 +-   ​[Thesis on Community
 +    Networks](http://​​people/​nkg/​ma-thesis/​) "​Community
 +    Networks: Building Real Communities in a Virtual Space?"​ by Neil Guy
 +-   [When do ordinary people get a look in?​](scifdw) Presentation
 +    by David Wilcox to Sussex Community Internet Forum, September 1996.
 +    (Local)
 +-   ​[Seven Steps to Building Electronic Communities](7-stepsl):​
 +    succinct guidance by Philippa Gamse and Terry Grunwald (Local).
 +-   [The Universal Service: "​Win-Win"​ Solution](win) Frank Odasz,
 +    one of the leading figures in US community networking, argues for
 +    partnerships between the builders and users of new technology.
 +    (Local).
 +-   ​[Virtually Clueless](clue) Who knows how to bring people
 +    together electronically to make good things happen? Another article
 +    by Frank. (Local).
 +-   ​[Community Networks - Definitions and
 +    Background](http://​​community/​compap) Fiona
 +    O'​Brien and Dave Miller
 +-   [The Social Purpose of Community
 +    Networks](http://​​community/​canada) Garth
 +    Graham
 +-   ​[Communities on-line: Community-based computer
 +    networks.](http://​​arch/​4.207/​anneb/​thesis/​toc)
 +    thesis by Beamish, A. (1995) Extracts from the book [New Community
 +    Networks: Wired for Change](http://​​schuler/​ncn),​
 +    by Doug Schuler
 +-   A [workshop handout](http://​​ip/​commnets/​workshop)
 +    by Doug Schuler
 +-   ​[Community Internet](dwnew):​ presentation by David Wilcox to
 +    seminar in Newham October 18 1996\
 +     ​[Telecommunities Canada Conference 1996 Edmonton,
 +    Alberta](tc96l). Report by Steve Cisler, Network Outreach, Apple
 +    Computer, Inc.
 +Some other US resources drawn from [Big Sky
 +Telegraph](http://​​) . This will become a
 +space for UK networkers to share their experience with others around the
 +-   ​[Creating Learning Communities
 +    Study](http://​​EPIE)\
 +     ​Curtis Priest'​s study of learning communities
 +-   ​[Network Services Research, National Capital Freenet,
 +    Canada](http://​​services-research/​)\
 +     ​Evaluating new online services and researching network services
 +-   [What are Communities Doing
 +    On-Line?​](http://​​People/​alaina/​com_online/​)\
 +     This paper surveys all communities listed in one of the most
 +    popular web site directories for communities on-line, USACityLink
 +    during October and November of 1995. Presented at Supercomputing '95
 +    December 7, 1995
 +-   ​[Shaping our Communities:​ The Impacts of Information
 +    Technology](http://​​pcj/​it-nf/​itn-open)\
 +     From the TogetherNet folks.
 +-   ​[Blacksburg Electronic
 +    Village](http://​​project/​Subjindex)\
 +     ​Creating a network model and linking residents to each other at
 +    Virginia Tech, VA
 +-   [How to Start a Community
 +    Network](http://​​~gbnewby/​papers/​cpsr.rtf)\
 +     Greg Newbie'​s CPSR presentation on starting a community network.
 +    (Loads this paper into Microsoft Word.)
 +-   [New Communities/​New Communication:​ Big Sky Telegraph and its
 +    Community](http://​​~paradox/​uncphbio)\
 +     ​Willard Uncapher'​s Essay about Big Sky Telegraph
 +-   ​[Harvard Infrastructure Project](http://​www.hks,​​)\
 +     A collaborative activity of the School'​s Center for Science and
 +    International Affairs, its Center for Business and Government, and
 +    the Institute for Information Technology Law and Policy at Harvard
 +    Law School.
 +-   [Old Freedoms and New Technologies;​ The Evolution of
 +    Comnets](http://​​80/​cyber.serv/​tdp/​jweston)\
 +     An article about community networking by Jay Weston
 +If you have an article to contribute, please contact
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