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 +Julie'​s use of the Net
 +Julie is a mature student studying part-time for an art degree. Her
 +children regularly refer to the Net for information on films, music and
 +homework projects When asked how she uses the Internet she says, "Oh, I
 +don't understand the technology of it at all. I can't use it and I
 +haven'​t got time for aimless wandering so I get someone else to log on
 +for me." She says she has never heard the terms '​bookmark',​ '​search
 +engine'​ or '​shortcut'​.\
 + ​However,​ further into the conversation she mentions that she belongs to
 +an art community online called Post Modern Culture and regularly
 +receives its bulletin and other material online. She researches art
 +projects on the Web and downloads images and text where relevant. She
 +checks out galleries across the UK for exhibitions,​ dates and times and
 +she finds background information about authors for a women'​s book group
 +she belongs to. Indeed Julie has actually published details of her own
 +art work and exhibitions on a Web site at
 + If Julie can achieve all this without knowing how to log on, what on
 +earth will she be able to achieve after an hour of good, focused
 + Jane Mitra, [Life with Technology](mailto:​\
 + [Back to the Guide to Community Internet](../​pubs/​guide)
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