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 +Email benefits for community business
 + by Kay Caldwell\
 +Community businesses - like their for profit equivalents - need to
 +communicate locally and globally. Kay Caldwell of the National Network
 +of Community Business explains how the benefits of the Internet became
 +We were immediate converts from technophobia to technophilia on
 +discovering the value of e-mail to our staff when organising an
 +international conference. The ease of communication,​ the low cost and
 +the fact that people on the other side of the world could communicate
 +with us during our night time and their day time - effectively allowing
 +us to work around the clock- all combined to make us wonder how we had
 +lived without our modems for so long.\
 + The Network exists to provide an exchange of information between
 +groups, individuals and councils who are involved in community business
 +development. Members receive from us regular mailings giving the details
 +of projects, kinds of trading activities and support services, with the
 +aim of encouraging exchange of information and advice between them.
 +These are costly in preparation time and postage and require storage on
 + The opportunity to have our own web-site where all of this information
 +could be stored and displayed and accessed by members at the touch of a
 +button was welcomed, and we instructed Internation Ltd. to design us a
 +site. The information on members is in the process of being completed
 +and we have an electronic membership form on the site too, through which
 +we have recruited some new members. A selection of articles from the
 +current issue of our magazine, New Sector, can also be accessed.(Paper
 +mailings will still continue, of course.)\
 + A new feature designed for us on the same site by Internation Ltd. is
 +the Readers'​ Forum whereby members or other readers can initiate debate,
 +carry out conversations or advertise events.\
 + The key benefit of the Internet to us, however, may be about to be
 +realised. The Network is a member of COMMACT, the Commonwealth
 +Association for Local Action and Economic Development whose Governing
 +Council members belong to every Commonwealth Region. The cost of even an
 +annual meeting of these people travelling from different parts of the
 +world is all but prohibitive,​ but using a programme specially created on
 +Internet for us by Internation we shall be able to have regular,
 +inexpensive "​meetings"​. The Interactive Meeting Service, when set up,
 +will allow all of the Governing Council members with access to modems -
 +from the Caribbean to Africa - to link up for meetings across the Net.
 +COMMACT may be the first, but will certainly not be the only network, to
 +make use of this service.
 +The National Network of Community Business has its website at
 + ​Internation Ltd. has its website at <​http://​>​\
 + [Kay Caldwell](mailto:​\
 + ​National Network of Community Businesses and New Sector Magazine\
 + ​Society Place\
 + West Calder\
 + EH55 8EA\
 + [Back to the Guide to Community Internet](../​pubs/​guide)
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