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 +Providing parents with information about new technology
 + By Jacquie Disney and Maggie Holgate, Parents Information Network\
 +Parents Information Network (PIN) is an independent organisation for
 +parents who want to enter the information age with their children. It
 +gives support and advice to parents about technology, so it is
 +appropriate that PIN itself should be exploring new technology in the
 +form of the Internet. Jacquie Disney and Maggie Holgate explain how PIN
 +is going about it.\
 +For PIN, a Web site is a way to reach a wider audience, both in terms of
 +parents, who make up the membership of the organisation,​ and in terms of
 +making wider contacts and reinforcing the organisation'​s profile. By
 +being on the Web we have a showcase for everyone who visits our site.
 +This means we can offer the full range of information services provided
 +by PIN and we can also draw attention to issues which are of
 +significance to parents and everyone interested in the home computer
 + We are currently putting the finishing touches to the PIN Web site and,
 +alongside this, a PIN area on the online service AOL. This has been a
 +fairly demanding exercise. We have spent time working out exactly what
 +we want our online presence to achieve and we have planned the material
 +we are putting up very carefully. It seemed important to us to provide
 +mechanisms for online questions and feedback as we feel an effective Web
 +site needs to establish a sense of community where people can receive
 +support but also provide it. We have put a lot of effort into getting
 +these aspects right. In the end, because we want what we do to be good,
 +it has taken us a little longer to get the Web site off the ground than
 +we first anticipated.\
 + The Internet has also had an effect on the internal workings of our
 +organisation. PIN has a number of geographically dispersed, part-time
 +workers. Email and conferencing enable the whole team to keep in close
 +touch and work collaboratively. This does not mean we never meet
 +face-to-face but when we are all off doing different things in different
 +places, it certainly makes the process of communicating quicker and
 + PIN is an organisation expressly concerned with people who don't feel
 +particularly knowledgeable or confident about technology, so
 +conventional methods of communication will still remain very important
 +to us, but we hope that the Internet will enable us to reach a new
 +audience and open up a new dimension to our work. It's still early days
 +yet for PIN and the Internet but we are very positive about its
 + ​Jacquie Disney and Maggie Holgate\
 + ​[Parents Information Network](mailto:​\
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