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 +Connecting activists in rural Scotland
 + by Sue Sadler, Rural Forum Scotland\
 +Rural Forum'​s Action Network comprises individuals from all parts of
 +rural Scotland who are active in local development in a multitude of
 +ways. What better than an electronic network to effectively reduce the
 +distances between them, bringing them closer to sources of information
 +and enable them to exchange skills and experience!\
 + ​But... what kind of kit do members need? What kind of kit does Rural
 +Forum need to support this? How do we ensure that empowering people
 +through an electronic network does not disempower people who are not
 +linked up?\
 + ​There'​s plenty of anecdotal evidence and limited research to suggest
 +that people are listening to the hype, buying the expensive bits of kit
 +and still failing to find the answers they are looking for. We still
 +think there are answers if we can get to the right questions such as:
 +-   What are people looking for?
 +-   What are realistic expectations of the internet?
 +-   What are realistic expectations of any network?
 +-   What training do people need?
 +-   What have we missed?
 +Over the next six months we six months we shall be exploring the
 +opportunities for the Action Network, looking particularly at the ideas
 +expressed in this book about communities on-line.\
 + [Sue Sadler\
 +](mailto:​rural@POST.Almac.Co.UK) [Back to the Guide to Community
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