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 +CyberSkills - training for citizens in the digital economy
 + ​Johanna Nicholls](mailto:​
 +wrote this article in 1997.\
 +The CyberSkills Association,​ based in Bristol, was founded in 1996 to
 +support a network of locally owned, licensed and quality assured
 +CyberSkills Development Agencies. It is a not for private profit
 +company, limited by guarantee\
 + The Association is working with its members to create a sustainable
 +model of Information Society programmes for access, awareness raising,
 +training, content production, research, partnership and planning. The
 +mission of the CyberSkills Association is to ensure that every citizen
 +is equipped throughout life with the essential values, skills and
 +opportunities to fully participate in creating the Information Society.\
 + The CyberSkills programme developed from funding provided by the UK
 +Government Department of Employment TEC challenge in 1993. The
 +CyberSkills model was created and developed by the [South Bristol
 +Learning Network](http://​​) in partnership with ICL.\
 + The following Cyberskills Development Agencies are running Cyberskills
 +course and may be able to help individuals or develop programmes for
 +-   ​Ayrshire
 +-   ​Cardiff (Cardiff City Council)
 +-   ​Manchester - Manchester College of Art and Technology (MANCAT)
 +-   ​Manchester - Manchester Technology Management Centre
 +-   ​Northern Informatics Applications Agency (NiAA)
 +-   Old North End Community Technology Centre, Burlington, Vermont
 +-   ​Reading Learning Network
 +-   South Bristol Learning Network
 +-   ​Stockport - Ridge Danyers College and KMP Internet Solutions\
 +[UK plc can't afford a generation of information have nots\
 +](life) [Cyberskills open new opportunities in South Bristol\
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