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 +CyberSkills - training for citizens in the digital economy
 +CyberSkills Association
 +"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"\
 + ​Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Media Lab
 +### Background
 +The CyberSkills Association is a not for private profit company, limited
 +by guarantee, established as an international membership organisation to
 +promote, support and develop the delivery of the CyberSkills programme.\
 + ​CyberSkills is an international Information Society development
 +initiative, creating a programme for citizens to develop the essential
 +awareness and skills to remain competitive in the emerging global
 +digital economy.\
 + Based in Bristol, England, the CyberSkills Association was founded in
 +1996 to support a network of locally owned, licensed and quality assured
 +CyberSkills Development Agencies.\
 + The CyberSkills Association is working with its members to create a
 +sustainable model of Information Society programmes for access,
 +awareness raising, training, content production, research, partnership
 +and planning. The mission of the CyberSkills Association is to ensure
 +that every citizen is equipped throughout life with the essential
 +values, skills and opportunities to fully participate in creating the
 +Information Society.\
 + The CyberSkills programme developed from funding provided by the UK
 +Government Department of Employment TEC challenge in 1993. The
 +CyberSkills model was created and developed by the South Bristol
 +Learning Network in partnership with ICL.
 +### CyberSkills Core Values and Programme
 +CyberSkills Core Values:
 +-   ​People First, Technology Second
 +-   ​Skills Focus and Life Long Learning
 +-   ​Bottom up and Top down
 +-   ​Partnership and Growing the Market
 +-   ​Sustainable Activities and Competitive Advantage
 +-   ​Change Management
 +The CyberSkills programme includes:
 +-   ​Progression from continuous awareness raising to training and
 +    content production
 +-   ​Creative applications of a range of leading edge technologies
 +-   ​Practical,​ experiential hands-on
 +-   ​Information Society action planning from individuals to
 +    organisations and sectors
 +-   ​Research and development framework
 + The CyberSkills model is now recognised and supported by various levels
 +of government and the private sector. In the past year, the CyberSkills
 +Association has grown to become a genuine development network of
 +CyberSkills Development Agencies, creating a platform of integrated
 +Information Society activities at a local, regional, national and
 +international level.\
 + The organisations managing, supporting, and funding CyberSkills
 +programmes include local authorities,​ government ministries, TECs and
 +LECs, FE colleges, universities,​ community technology centres, community
 +regeneration partnerships,​ city councils and private sector companies.
 +### Services
 +The CyberSkills Association is the main engine driving CyberSkills
 +development and provides the following services to its members:
 +#### Promotion
 +1.  Advocacy
 +2.  Policy formation
 +3.  Information dissemination
 +4.  Networking
 +5.  Publicity
 +6.  Marketing
 +7.  Gateway Services
 +#### Support
 +1.  CSA Xchange - an online information and communication facility
 +2.  Quality Framework
 +3.  Partnership brokerage
 +4.  Training and skills transfer
 +5.  Funding Forum
 +6.  Research
 +7.  Consultancy
 +#### Development
 +1.  Constituency Building
 +2.  Materials Production
 +3.  Accreditation
 +4.  Implementation of new technologies
 +5.  Process development
 +6.  Network Integration
 +7.  Pilot project management
 +The CyberSkills Association has a clear set of strong core values and
 +principles, a recognised, quality assured, global training brand and a
 +successful track record of innovation and leadership in meeting the
 +Information Society needs of individuals and communities.
 +### Member sites
 +As of November 1996, the CyberSkills Association has 10 member sites in
 +4 countries, with 12 more planned for the first quarter 1997.\
 + ​CyberSkills Development Agencies will be operational throughout the UK,
 +Europe, North America, Africa, Australia and Asia.\
 + Over 8,000 individuals and 1000 organisations have so far participated
 +in CyberSkills workshops, presentations and roadshows, with
 +participation from the following sectors:
 +1.  SMEs
 +2.  Local, regional and national government
 +3.  TECs and LECs
 +4.  Utilities
 +5.  Voluntary/​community/​NGOs
 +6.  IT and Telecomms
 +7.  Industrial, commercial, financia
 +8.  Education and training
 +9.  Media and Information providers
 +10. Retail
 +11. Health and environment
 +12. Job training/​unemployed
 +" The best way to learn virtual and global networking skills is by
 +working on a project that requires them." Ives and Jarenpaa
 +Current CyberSkills Development Agencies
 +-   ​Ayrshire
 +-   ​Cardiff (Cardiff City Council)
 +-   ​Manchester - Manchester College of Art and Technology (MANCAT)
 +-   ​Manchester - Manchester Technology Management Centre
 +-   ​Northern Informatics Applications Agency (NiAA)
 +-   Old North End Community Technology Centre, Burlington, Vermont
 +-   ​Reading Learning Network
 +-   South Bristol Learning Network
 +-   ​Stockport - Ridge Danyers College and KMP Internet Solutions
 +[Johanna Nicholls\
 +](mailto:​ CyberSkills Association
 +[Success stories from South Bristol Learning Network\
 +](profilesl) [The importance of lifelong learning](lifel)
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