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 +Who can help with Community Internet?
 + by [Peter Mason](mailto:​,​ \<​\>​\
 +*There are some specialist organisations who can help those interested
 +in the community use of IT along the the road to getting on-line. These
 +organisations are usually run on a not-for-profit basis, and offer a
 +range of services for the voluntary sector from free advice through to a
 +full selection of Internet tools and services.*\
 +The advantage in using specialist organisations is that they are often
 +able to offer more than a standard Internet account, supplementing it
 +with interactive areas where subscribers can communicate with with
 +others in the same field, or databases of useful voluntary sector
 +information on-line.
 +Free web space
 +Although many Internet service providers now supply free web space to
 +subscribers,​ the task of developing and then advertising your web site
 +will be down to you. If you have a parent organisation,​ they may be able
 +to help; otherwise, attaching yourself to the index of a local
 +information site (such as a council or community group) or joining one
 +of the national bodies for your type of work can help.
 +-   As an example, the [Charities Aid
 +    Foundation](http://​​)
 +    (http://​​),​ along with it's information resources,
 +    offers its members 5Mb free web space. Other charities can get 1/2
 +    Mb for free, and this is enough for most purposes. (A page of A4
 +    with a couple of pictures is about 25K, giving you approximately 20
 +    pages.) This is very useful if you want to publish information on
 +    the 'Net perhaps every couple of months and don't want the the
 +    bother of maintaining it yourself. The information can be sent via
 +    email or post and they will even convert from text files to simple
 +    web pages for £30 per update and scan pictures as well for a further
 +    £20.
 +These following organisations provide advice and support particularly
 +relevant to community and voluntary sector organisations.
 +-   ​[VOIS](http://​​) (http://​​),​ the
 +    Voluntary Organisations Internet Server offers Internet services and
 +    provides information on a variety of issues and topics from a
 +    voluntary sector perspective
 +-   ​[OneWorld Online](http://​​)
 +    (http://​ is a '​supersite'​ for a wide range of
 +    non-profit organisations,​ and '​How-to'​s'​ on the site introduce
 +    partners to important Internet applications,​ highlight good new
 +    freeware products and answer technical, editorial and marketing
 +    questions.
 +-   ​GreenNet and Poptel - see below under communications - also provide
 +    specialist support for voluntary bodies.
 +Communication:​ Discussion Areas and Interest Groups
 +Some suppliers target themselves at even more narrow sector of the
 +market. They provide bulletin boards, mailing lists and other discussion
 +areas on the Internet and through other means, perhaps on a world-wide
 +basis. Some examples:
 +-   ​[GreenNet](http://​​) (http://​​),​ along
 +    with a complete range of internet services, has the APC confrences,
 +    a special information resource focusing around environment,​ human
 +    rights, labour issues and development. [The Association for
 +    Progressive
 +    Communication](http://​​gn/​apc/​apcinfo.html) (APC), is
 +    an international partnership of member networks providing low-cost
 +    computer communication and information services to individuals and
 +    non-governmental organisations. Its includes public and private
 +    discussions;​ standard UseNet newsgroups, discussion-areas,​
 +    announcements,​ alerts, newsletters and the Inter Press Service'​s
 +    full news feed.
 + -   ​[ChurchNet](http://​​churchnet/​)
 +    (http://​​churchnet/​) is aimed at all Christian
 +    churches, groups and organisations in the UK, but has connections
 +    with the US. It resource base, technical training and help.
 +    Charities and voluntary organisations are charged cost, plus a
 +    little bit extra.
 +-   ​[Poptel](http://​​) (http://​
 +    provides mailing lists and Bulletin Board Links. This allows a link
 +    from your Web page to a Bulletin Board, enabling messages sent as
 +    e-mail to be displayed in a Web
 +-   ​Nearly two million pages are read per day from the [OneWorld
 +    Online](http://​​) (http://​ web site
 +    which brings together NGOs, magazines or organisations working for
 +    social justice and sustainable development under an umbrella site.
 +    Walled Garden, its networking system, containing a partners'​ mailing
 +    list, newsletter and top level statistics for members.
 +Often there will be one or more organisations providing information or a
 +gateways to other resources for topics of interest. You may be able to
 +find this information elsewhere on the web using global search engines,
 +but here someone has taken the work out of finding it organising it for
 +you as an index, menus or a database of links. For example;
 +-   Bede Island Community Association surveyed local community groups
 +    and listed sources of information they found of value; see their
 +    BICA's [Voluntary Sector Directory](../​community/​links/​Links.htm)
 +    (local).
 +-   ​CharityNet has a [search
 +    engine](http://​​charities/​search.html) listing
 +    over 70,000 community groups, links to [Corporate Community
 +    Involvement Pages on Company
 +    Websites](http://​​caf/​cafcompanies/​corpgive.html)
 +    (http://​​caf/​cafcompanies/​corpgive.html) and the
 +    [CharityCard
 +    Directory](http://​​charities/​Chcardacceptor.html)
 +    (http://​​charities/​Chcardacceptor.html) which
 +    lists companies which accept charitycard.
 +-   ​GreenNet has a menu of its members, environment,​ progressive,​
 +    spiritual and government [links](http://​​gn/​links/​)
 +    (http://​​gn/​links/​)
 +-   ​Poptel has two indexes, [Grey
 +    Pages](http://​​greypages/​)
 +    (http://​​greypages/​),​ a listing of names,
 +    addresses, email and URL of organisations and public bodies and an
 +    [information
 +    directory](http://​​poptel/​dir-net/​index.html)
 +    (http://​​poptel/​dir-net/​index.html) of other useful
 +    information.
 +-   VOIS offers a resource centre, a volunteers noticeboard and a
 +    searchable database
 +Along with technical support, some organisations may be able to offer
 +-   ​Poptel offers tailored training covering subjects such as Internet
 +    and Email Essentials, MailStation and Website Design at £90.00 per
 +    person for a one day course.
 +-   ​GreenNet staff and volunteers offer 3 hour evening courses twice a
 +    month at £15 per person. For either beginner, intermediate or
 +    advanced levels of use of GreenNet.
 +There are also online courses available. for a fuller list see the
 +communities online web site.
 +-   ​[Netskills](http://​​website/​legacy/​netskills)
 +    (http://​​TONIC) is a free, full tutorial ,
 +    complete with exercises, from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.
 +    Lets you work through in sections and, by registering yourself, come
 +    back later to the place you got to.
 +How to choose your service provider
 +Choosing your supplier will depend on whether you require these
 +additional services or whether cost is the overriding factor.\
 + In the second case, it may be more appropriate to choose a private
 +company. You can find a lists of UK Internet service providers at
 +(http://​​inetuk/​providers.html),​ the [University of
 +(http://​​techwatch/​providers/​index.html) and
 +You'll find more in Internet (and other) magazines and perhaps some
 +advertised in your local area. Perhaps there'​s a [local
 +group](../​comline/​local) that may help you.
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