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 +Opportunities for work and learning
 + ​Maggie Holgate, Life with Technology, <​>​ wrote this
 +article in 1997.\
 +There are an increasing number of recruitment agencies online and many
 +organisations carry job ads on their corporate pages. However, my
 +feeling is that at the moment the people who are looking for employment
 +through these services are, in the main, accessing them from their
 +current workplaces; in other words these people are employed, not
 +unemployed, and they are also more than likely to work in the IT
 +industry in some capacity or other.\
 + This raises the crucial issue of access and the need for genuinely free
 +and open access to the Internet in libraries, schools and other
 +centres - indeed any and every communication and information-gathering
 +point relevant to communities. However, unless people feel they '​own'​
 +that technology, they will not use it. If the Internet is truly to
 +benefit the unemployed and other groups within society, supportive and
 +relevant training in how to use it is also essential, as is relevant
 + There is enormous scope for online tutorials in job search skills,
 +creating CVs and so on, but there is also potential to use the Internet
 +as a delivery medium to teach new skills which will make people more
 +employable in the 21st century. The approach, though, needs to be
 +innovative. With a little imagination the Internet could be used to
 +demonstrate how flexible learning and work practices are now part of our
 +culture, and it could therefore play a vital role in raising awareness
 +of the changing nature of '​work'​.
 +[UK plc can't afford a generation of information have nots](life),​
 +by Chris Yapp\
 + ​[Cyberskills open new opportunities in South Bristol](profile),​
 +by Sally Abram\
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