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 +Bid document
 +In order to secure core funding from funders, the steering group will
 +need to prepare a bid making the case for the Trust, setting out its
 +work programme, and providing some financial forecasts.
 +The bid document should be, in effect, an early version of the Trust
 +business plan. In order to prepare the bid the steering group may need
 +to carry out a feasibility assessment assisted by a consultant and/or a
 +development officer.
 +The document
 +The bid document should cover the following issues:
 +### Summary
 +A summary of the case for a Development Trust contained in the document
 +as a whole.
 +### Context - the area and trust
 +A description of the area, the problems and opportunities. How and why
 +the idea of a Trust developed.
 +### Mission statement
 +A statement of aims and how they will be carried out. Why the Trust is
 +needed, what it aims to achieve, and broadly the means by which it will
 +do this.
 +### Programmes
 +The types of projects the Trust will tackle. For example:
 +-   ​Enterprise development
 +-   ​Training
 +-   ​Environmental improvement
 +-   ​Leisure,​ recreation
 +### Organisational structure
 +The legal form, likely arrangements with main sponsors, steering
 +committee/​Board,​ and staffing proposed.
 +### Financial projections
 +An annual budget and projections over three years showing how far
 +project income will cover core costs and how the deficit will be made
 +### Monitoring arrangements
 +The criteria to be used in evaluating the Trust'​s performance.
 +### Support required
 +A statement of the support required from funders.
 +It is important that the bid is:
 +-   A realistic reflection of what the Trust may achieve
 +-   ​Acceptable to community interests
 +-   ​Agreed by the steering group as a whole
 +-   Based on an understanding of what the main potential funders will
 +    support. As well as funding criteria they may have views on the
 +    structure of the Trust - particularly the mix of representation on
 +    the Board.
 +If the bid is out of touch with reality, or is the work of only a few
 +individuals,​ there is a danger that the Trust will face problems if the
 +bid is accepted.
 +-   It may prove impossible to meet the financial projections,​ with the
 +    likelihood of major problems after the first year or two
 +-   The Trust will may face criticism from community interests that its
 +    agenda does not meet local needs
 +-   There may be disputes over programme priorities on the Board.
 +The way to avoid these problems is to follow a start up process in which
 +the key local interests - public, private and residential community -
 +all contribute project ideas, so they feel some ownership of the
 +programme. This must be done, however, in the knowledge of any rules and
 +criteria funders will apply. There is no point in encouraging people to
 +develop unrealistic 'wish lists'​. Preparation of the bid can be a
 +valuable team building exercise for the steering group/​Board,​ and in
 +helping key local interests understand how a Trust must operate. The
 +steering group may feel it is appropriate to gain approval for the bid
 +at an open seminar - again to ensure that the Trust'​s agenda for the
 +area has widespread support. This could be done by running the business
 +planning exercise with bid data.
 +In preparing the bid consider:
 +-   Have you carried out a review of local problems and opportunities as
 +    part of a feasibility assessment?
 +-   Do you understand the criteria for core and project funding likely
 +    to be exercised by the funders, and any other criteria they may wish
 +    you to meet?
 +-   Have you developed ideas for Trust projects both from this study and
 +    meetings with local key interests?
 +-   Does the plan contain a three year financial projection showing how
 +    to balance:
 +-   ​project surpluses or deficits?
 +-   core costs of staff, offices and overheads?
 +-   core funding?
 +-   Is there a description of the staff team and Board, and the
 +    management structure?
 +-   Does the bid explain how you will know whether you are succeeding or
 +    failing?
 +-   Has the steering group as a whole approved the bid?
 +-   Has the draft bid been discussed with other key interests?
 +Seealso [Business planning](bus),​ [Feasibility Study](feas),​
 +[Start up process](start)
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