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 +In order to gain support, raise funds and deliver projects and services
 +which will benefit its local community Development Trusts must be able
 +to communicate effectively. This means being clear about the messages
 +the Trust wants to get across, the audiences it wishes to reach, and the
 +most appropriate means to do this.
 +-   A communications and marketing plan, to complement the business
 +    plan, will set out which audiences the Trust wishes to reach, and
 +    the way that it will do this.
 +-   One of the earliest tasks will be to agree the name of the Trust
 +    and, if possible, develop a logo and design guidelines for all
 +    materials.
 +-   An effective way to clarify the messages the Trust wishes to get
 +    across is to work on one product - perhaps a leaflet or folder with
 +    information sheets - with a designer and writer. The key ideas and
 +    images can then be applied relatively easily to other materials.
 +-   The feedback from presentations to different audiences is one of the
 +    best ways of refining messages and finding out what communicates
 +    most effectively.
 +-   Local media - newspaper, radio, television - can be the most cost
 +    effective way of reaching your audiences. Before approaching them
 +    you have to be clear about what you want to get across, and think
 +    through what is likely to be newsworthy for the media.
 +-   Does the Trust have a communications and marketing plan which
 +    covers:
 +    -   ​initial sponsors, supporters and clients? fundraising
 +        strategies? public awareness?
 +-   Does the Trust review the communications plan in the light of its
 +    targets?
 +-   Does the Trust have:
 +    -   a clear identity expressing its purpose? an appropriate range of
 +        materials/​media to explain the purpose and work of the Trust to
 +        its target audiences? a structured mailing list of contacts?
 +-   Does the Trust runs events to involve the local community in the
 +    work of the Trust?
 +-   Does the Trust have a policy on public access to Trust Board and
 +    committee meetings?
 +-   Does the Trust maintain appropriate contact with the media - locally
 +    and nationally?
 +© David Wilcox <​>​. Tel +44 (0)1273 677377.
 +Fax: +44 (0)1273 677379. These information sheets may be freely
 +distributed with this attribution,​ but not republished as a whole.
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