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 +Core costs
 +In making a bid to funders the steering group will need to draw up a
 +budget and estimate the core costs of running the Development Trust.
 +Most Trusts budget their core costs and project costs separately. The
 +core costs cover what is essential to get the Trust up and running, and
 +-   ​office accommodation
 +-   ​furniture and equipment
 +-   ​salaries and on costs for the core staff: executive director and
 +    others
 +-   ​communication materials
 +-   ​office supplies
 +-   ​heating and lighting
 +-   ​telephone
 +-   ​postage
 +-   ​cleaning
 +-   ​travel and subsistence
 +-   ​insurance
 +-   ​training
 +If possible the steering group should include someone with financial
 +expertise to assist in budgeting. Budgets should be prepared for at
 +least three years, and preferably five, as part of the business plan.
 +The core costs budget will be the spending plan to which the Board can
 +refer to check that the Trust does not overspend. It is also, as part of
 +the bid document, an important fundraising tool.
 +Initial budgets may, of course, be modified as expenditure patterns and
 +realistic fundraising targets become clearer. Once a detailed list of
 +possible items of expenditure has been drawn up it should be possible to
 +consider which may be covered by help in kind. The balance will then
 +have to be covered by core costs fundraising or, later in the life of
 +the Trust, surpluses generated by income-earning projects. Core cost
 +budgets will vary considerably depending on the scale of the Trust.
 +However, the budget may be £100,000 for a Trust employing several staff
 +with its own premises and a significant programme of work. See also
 +[Business planning](bus) and [Bid document](bid) © David
 +Wilcox <​>​. Tel +44 (0)1273 677377. Fax: +44
 +(0)1273 677379. These information sheets may be freely distributed with
 +this attribution,​ but not republished as a whole. [Partnerships
 +Online](../​index) : [The Guide to Development Trusts and
 +Partnerships](../​pguide/​index):​ [other sheets](../​pguide/​sheets)
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